Game 105: A Dud in the Bronx

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The best part of this game was watching a frightened cat elude the Yankees grounds crew and security for a few minutes. The feline provided way more entertainment than the men wearing pinstripes. There have been multiple heartwrenching performances this year. Tonight’s game ranks as one of the worst games of the year, largely due to a lifeless and non-competitive performance from the Yankees. They fall to the awful Baltimore Orioles by the score of 7-1. Their record is 56-49. These takeaways will be short because there isn’t much to talk about.

Home Run Derby

Andrew Heaney was a curious trade acquisition. Yes, there are some intriguing peripherals, but he is having a terrible year. It doesn’t help that he is an extreme flyball pitcher who now calls Yankee Stadium his home. As one would imagine, his start did not go well.

Heaney does not have overpowering stuff. He can get away with a funky delivery for a while until a lineup realizes he throws meat. In this contest, he went once through the lineup successfully, and then the wheels fell off. Heaney promptly gave up back-to-back home runs to Cedric Mullins and Austin Hays. Both shots were no doubters. He then proceeded to give up two more bombs in the following inning. There isn’t much to break down. His stuff was flat. The location was poor. There weren’t many at-bats where you felt Heaney had a chance to win. It was a terrible performance in every way imaginable.

With the injury to Domingo Germán, there is a strong chance Heaney gets another start by default. I know the conventional wisdom is to practice some patience with a pitcher. There are a few reasons to buck this thought. Heaney hasn’t been good all year. He isn’t a good fit for this stadium at all. And quite frankly, the team desperately needs these games. They can’t afford to have a mediocre pitcher with ok peripherals determining their fate. His best role for this team is possibly filling the Luis Cessa role. I would strongly consider an opener, even with the rotation depth issues. The team would have a better chance. The Yankees can’t afford to be down 4-0 even against a terrible team with the way the offense is performing. Their margin for error no longer exists. Heaney can’t make the situation worse.

The Offense Continues to Falter

I have no idea what is going on with this offense. If the Yankees didn’t trade for Rizzo and Gallo, they may have lost the series in Miami and could’ve been no-hit tonight. They faced one of the worst pitchers in the league. Jose López entered the game with an ERA over 6 and proceeded to dominate this lineup.

The Yankees don’t slug, and they don’t cash in runners on base. This is the case since the very first game of the season. They do a fantastic job of getting traffic on the bases. López walked five and hit a batter. The Yankees didn’t drive in any of these runs. They continue to hit the ball on the ground while hitting weak fly balls. It is a mystery why they can’t drive the ball in the air with any consistency. We’ve pointed out numerous times that the lineup struggles to dominate the hitting zone. Nothing has changed in that regard. The only ones driving the ball are Rizzo and Gallo. The offense is alarmingly anemic.

The Yankees’ middle infield has absolutely tanked this lineup. A lot of focus is on Gleyber Torres, and rightfully so, but DJ LeMahieu is having an abysmal season. He is the key to the lineup. It isn’t a coincidence that the offense has been just as inconsistent as their second baseman. His exit velocity is down. The hard hit% is down. The K% is way up. His line-drive rate is down. These are all the ingredients that contribute to a down year from an elite hitter.

I’ve said this a few times, but this lineup isn’t going to perform at an elite level if DJLM isn’t performing at a high level. The offense really depends upon him. It really struggles to click when he isn’t going well. His double play in the seventh inning was a huge swing in the game. Instead of creating a big inning, the double play killed the last real chance the Yankees had to compete in the game. The additions of Rizzo and Gallo are huge boons, but even that is limited by DJLM’s poor season. He really needs to step it up.

Flush It Away

There were other issues in this game including curious bullpen management from Aaron Boone, but this is one to get out of the system immediately. It doesn’t get any easier for the Yankees now as Gerrit Cole has now tested positive for Covid-19. We hope Gerrit and his family are doing ok. It feels like the Yankees are experiencing almost all of the breakthrough cases in the country. It is one knock after the next.

The Yankees will play Baltimore again with their ace, Nestor Cortes, on the mound. The man who may save the Yankees’ season will have to come to the rescue again. The game starts at 7:05pm. Have a great night.


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  1. Anthony Rizzeddardo

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Randy, and it probably cost us any minute chance we had at the division and the WC. We said Heaney was a bust and Cash went and got him anyway. A flyball pitcher with a 5 ERA in Yankee Stadium. That’s what the crack analytics department got us. But as bad as Heaney was it wouldn’t have mattered because this lineup is still the worst I’ve ever seen in fifty years of watching Yankee baseball. Even in Miami they weren’t hitting and needed heroics from Rizzo to win those games. Judge is cold, Sanchez is cold, Gleyber and DJ have regressed into below average hitters who just hit little dribblers and double plays. Stanton still strikes out 6 times a game and must have gotten the twisties from Simone because his balance is terrible. Now a pathetic 6-5 vs the O’s. Our ace Nestor on the mound tonight but unless he pitches a one hitter we lose.

    I was very disappointed with Gerrit for not getting vaccinated and now missing 2 weeks in the most important stretch of the season. This was after Judge didn’t get the vaccine and infected half the club. And now Gio is on the IL as well. Why this medical/training staff hasn’t been fired is a question I’ve been asking for years. No other club has these infections or injuries.

  2. DZB

    All I can really say about this game is: “how on earth does a cat manage to get onto the field at Yankee Stadium?”. I’ll never understand how this can happen with all the gates, walls, people, and stadium staff.

    • Bubba Crosby's Left Cleat

      Have you ever seen a cat? They’re extremely fast little liquid beasts. That cat did a Bo Jackson leap off the wall and kept going!

  3. Evan3457

    Right now, the rotation is: Taillon, Montgomery, Cortes, Heaney and…and…and…?
    That’s it.
    Cole is on the COVID list.
    German is on the DL.
    Nelson is terrible at the major league level
    Schmidt is rehabbing in Tamap.
    Deivi Garcia’s career is in shambles right now.
    Luis Gil was doing well in AA, but has been almost as bad as Garcia in Scranton.

    With Cortes starting tomorrow and Taillon scheduled for Wednesday evening, who starts the first game in what shapes up as a pretty big series against the Mariners on Thursday?
    Chad Green?
    Lucas Luetge?
    Nick Nelson?

    Where’s Luis Cessa when you need him? (Oh, right…Cincinnati).

    Nelson is already listed on Fangraphs, opposed by Tyler Anderson. Heaven help the Yankees in that game. If I were the Yankees, I’d push Taillon back a day and start Nelson on Wednesday against the Orioles. But as of now, Taillon’s the “ace” remaining on the staff, so they probably won’t mess with his hot streak.

    Amazing: the Yanks went 15-7 in their last 22 to climb to 8 games over again despite multiple games horrifically blown by the bullpen, and, just as it was in the first month and a half of the season, the only strong part of their team game was the rotation, In the span of a little over 48 hours, we’ve seen half the rotation blown up by German’s injury, (there is no such thing as a minor injury of the rotator cuff, by the way. regardless of the team saying he might be back in 10 days, it’s unlikely he’ll be back in the rotation before Severino and/or Kluber are ready), Heaney’s entrance into the rotation and his subsequent demolishing at the hands of a mediocre Orioles team, and the staff Ace getting put on the COVID list.

    No one in the farm system is remotely ready for a promotion. Help from injury returnees is 2 1/2 weeks away at the earliest (Schmidt MIGHT be able to make a 4-5 inning start before that, maybe.) This collapse of half of the rotation almost overnight might be the final blow that sinks this season once and for all.

  4. Steve

    Just expect a loss whenever they face a 5-6 era pitcher and you won’t be disappointed. I know it’s not the case, but it’s almost like they take those games for granted and forego any preparation.

  5. Mungo

    Heaney was brought in to basically provide depth and push Nestor Cortes into the pen. I’d rather Nestor hold the spot in the rotation and Heaney go to the pen. Now, it doesn’t matter. German’s shoulder inflammation and Cole’s COVID Il means Heaney, Cortes and someone else is required! It’s good they added depth, but I was hoping for someone a bit better than Heaney.

    • Wire Fan

      With german on the IL, heaney is a part of the rotation. And with Cole now on the Covid list he is definitely getting a lot of starts

      That the Yankees manipulated all these trades giving up.extra prospects and Cessa to clear Space for.Heaney is patently absurd. If you are going all in for Rizzo and Gallo, get a legit starter or reliever, not another reclamation project where the analytics group tries to prove they are smarter than everyone else.

  6. Jacob

    Obviously I’m still holding out hope for this year but I’m already turning my eyes to next season and I’m already thinking there’s no way in hell they greatly retool/overhaul this team is there? Sure, there’s a good chance that Torres/DJ and Co are just having down years and turn it around next season but im personally feeling it’s more about how the line up is built. Anyone feel more hope that next years team is vastly improved?

  7. Kansas

    We throw the ball down the middle, they hammer it. They throw the ball down the middle, we watch it go by, then swing at something off the plate. Seems crazy

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