Game 101: Bad and Boring

What can you even say about a game like this? Bad.  Terrible.  0/10 do not recommend.  Turn off your TV and go outside.  The Yankees once again failed to sweep a series after taking the first two games, and are now 4-10 in sweep opportunities on the season after falling to Tampa Bay 14-0.  To the takeaways:

Gerrit Cole was bad, then good, then bad again.  This game almost got out of hand before a single out was recorded.  On Cole’s first pitch, Brandon Lowe hit a bomb over the foul pole which was originally called a home run; the umpires then convened and ruled it foul.  Kevin Cash challenged, but it seemed like the Yankees got a break to open up the game as the foul call stood.  However, Lowe wound up reaching on an infield single, Cole then walked Ji-Man Choi, Yandy Diaz hit an RBI single, and Austin Meadows hit a 3-run home run to put the Rays up by 4 before you had a chance to blink.  Really not what you want when your ace is on the mound going for a sweep.

Cole settled down after that, recording two strikeouts per inning in the second through the fifth.  He struck out 10 overall in 5.1 innings before things really fell apart in the 6th – the 6th inning was so horrific it deserves its own header, so we’ll get to that later.

It was obvious from the jump that Cole wasn’t on today, and specifically couldn’t locate his breaking pitches at all.  His resurgence in the second through fifth inning was courtesy of his fastball, which he peppered throughout the strike zone, but his lack of secondary pitches led to a bad day on the mound.

The Yankees are now only 10-11 in games started by Gerrit Cole, even as, today’s clunker aside, he’s mostly pitched to the back of his ace-like baseball card. 

Sixth Inning Scaries.   The sixth inning started uneventfully, as Cole got Diaz to ground out leading off the inning.  He then gave up a few singles to Meadows and Randy Arozarena, and walked Wander Franco.  Kevin Kiermaier hit a fly ball which Brett Gardner dropped in left field – a run likely would have scored on a sac fly if the play had been made, but two runs scored on the error and took the game from a manageable 4-0 to 6-0. 

Aaron Boone then yanked Cole, who had thrown 105 pitches, and brought in Albert Abreu, who opened the floodgates.   He walked Mike Zunino on four pitches, and Brett Phillips hit a grand slam to bring the score to 10-0.  He issued another walk to Lowe, and served up a home run to Choi.  Not satisfied with a 12-0 lead, Diaz singled, and Meadows hit another home run to make it 14-0.  Abreu, who got no outs and gave up six runs on four hits and two walks, was mercifully removed and Sal Romano was able to get out of the inning.

Maybe an inning that horrific has happened to the Yankees in recent memory, but if it has, I’ve blocked it out.  I hope to do the same with this one.

Offense goes silent.  I haven’t mentioned anything about the Yankees’ offense yet because there was truly nothing to mention.  The Yankees had absolutely nothing against the Rays’ 21-year-old starter Luis Patiño. They got only four hits (three against Patiño over his six innings of work) and struck out ten times.  Aaron Judge, Gleyber Torres, Estevan Florial, and Gardner all recorded singles, and the team only had three opportunities with runners in scoring position all day.  Even Joey Gallo couldn’t have fixed this.


  • DJ LeMahieu’s 37-game on base streak was snapped today as he went 0-for-4 and did not walk.
  • Gleyber Torres extended his hit streak to 11 games.
  • Giancarlo Stanton struck out three times and has now struck out 21 times in 46 at bats since the All Star Break, a 46% K rate.
  • Clay Holmes made his Yankees debut in the 9th and pitched a 1-2-3 inning with a strikeout.
  • The Yankees are now 13-24 in day games.


It’s official: Joey Gallo is a Yankee


Yankees acquire Anthony Rizzo


  1. MG309

    Now it’s Anthony Rizzo being added for two Low A prospect-solid hitter having a down year and multiple Gold Gloves.

    A professional, contact, left handed hitter with the Cubbies paying his salary for the rest of the season.

    So far I give the Yankees an A+ for the deadine, it should be an interesting couple of days coming up-I wonder if they are going to move someone like Voit for a pitcher.

  2. MikeD

    So, did Voit get flipped in the Rizzo trade? No details yet at the moment.

    • dasit

      three ways are always fun

    • MikeD

      Seems the Cubs are picking up Rizzo’s remaining salary; Yankees sending Alcantara and Vizcaino. So…Voit sits on the bench? Or is another trade coming?

      • dasit

        can’t see voit headlining a package that would net an impact starter. as much as i hate the idea, i could see him getting salary-dumped in order to get a starter in a separate deal while staying under the threshold

    • DZB

      No Voit in the trade, and I wonder if he has much value, especially with all the injuries. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing:

      1. LeMahieu, 2B
      2. Judge, RF
      3. Gallo, CF
      4. Stanton, RF
      5, Sanchez, C
      6. Rizzo, 1B
      7. Torres, SS
      8. Voit, DH
      9. Urshela, 3B

      Order is somewhat random. But you get the idea. If Gallo can manage some CF and Stanton RF, this could be a good lineup.

  3. dasit

    rizzo is a yankee
    nobody beats the riz

  4. H. Avis

    The Yankees are a very flawed team. A major reorganization is needed; – a new, innovative approach …

  5. Dani

    Did we just watch the preview of the WC game? 😛

    I still think that buying is/was a mistake, this team isn’t going anywhere this year. But hey, they decided to go for it, why stop now? Trade the farm and get some badly needed upgrades.

  6. MikeD

    The Yankees just can’t give us a feel-good, three-game sweep!

    Cole can still be dominant, but he’s also still dealing with grip issues post sticky stuff. It’s not a spin issue; it’s a command issue.

  7. Wire Fan

    I get Higgy catching in a day game after a night game but can the analytics group put an end to the personal catcher junk already? If the Yankees do make the playoffs, Higgy cannot be catching Cole and it shouldn’t be the first time Sanchez has caught Cole in months.

    Cole’s # in aggregate may look good… But the consistency is certainly not “ace like” and to me that is what separates aces from everyone else. This is Cole’s 3rd poor start (out of 5) in July. And it his 4th start this year where he has given up at least 5 runs.

  8. Kansas

    It’s a gut punch

  9. Please Max Scherzer, please Max Scherzer.

  10. Joey Galleddardo

    I thought it was the worst loss of the season, Ana. I said last night that Nestor is our ace and that became ever more apparent today. Cole has no business being in this rotation. With the spider tack he’s Superman and without it he’s Bozo the Clown. And let’s stop this “personal catcher” nonsense. Cole was actually good with Gary and Higgy hasn’t hit anything since April .Nestor has to start the WC game if we miraculously make it there, which we won’t. And Boone can’t sweep a series to save his life. How many chance has he had to sweep and he can’t do it? I trust Nestor, Tallion, Monty and German a lot more than I do Cole in a big game. He had one lucky start vs Houston and the rest has been crap.

    Problem is, the Rays and Sox are happy to just take 1/3 or split. They don’t even need to take these series they’re so far ahead. And the A’s just got stronger with Marte. Padres just won the World Series with Scherzer and took that ace off the board. Any talk of this club buying anything more is just laughable. Gallo is at least signed through next year. But between Gallo and Stanton they might strike out 10 times a game. I don’t see what he really adds other than getting the corpse of Brett Gardner off the field, which might make it all worth it.

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