Episode 57: Trying Times

Randy, Jaime, and Derek break down the ramifications of the Yankees’ COVID-19 outbreak on and off the field. They discuss how the infield will shape up while Gleyber Torres is on the injured list. Then, the trio discuss the Yankees’ recent improved play, including successful series against the Astros and Rays.

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  1. chip56

    The last time the Yankees did something right, I think Obama was still in office. This team has its head so far up its own tush it’s actually remarkable. The combination of arrogance that they don’t have to actually improve to be good enough to win, despite the pretty clear evidence that the only reason they make the playoffs year after year is by beating up on the tanking teams, is hard to overlook.

    • Zach

      It’s not hard to see what’s going on. Cashman and Hal are not actually trying to field the best team possible. The point is winning just enough to sell tickets and no more. But it’s finally caught up to them this year. With this offense, they can’t even beat the tanking teams.

      • chip56

        CBT Champions!

        They kept saying “we’re a 100 win team” and hoping no one noticed that the reason that they won 100 games is because of just how many teams were actively trying to be as horrible as possible.

        They’re just a mediocre team that has ignored the fundamentals of baseball (putting the ball in play and playing defense) and ignored the fact that many of their best players are oft-injured and that the depth players behind them are garbage.

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