Episode 3: Living That Quarantine Life

Randy, Bobby, and Derek return for Episode 3 of the Views From 314ft Podcast. Despite living that quarantine life, the blog brothers jump right into the baseball news of the moment.

We are adhering to the shelter in place guidelines of New York State and recording remotely. We will be doing so for as long as the “shelter in place” order remains. We’re talking on Skype so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues.

The podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify so please subscribe, drop a five-star rating and spread the word. We hope this gives you some distraction from all the craziness in the world right now. Here are the episode notes:

  • [Open] Introductions and catching up on everyone’s well being.
  • [1:35] Discussion about Aaron Judge’s collapsed lung(!!!).
  • [9:54] An update on Giancarlo Stanton’s calf strain.
  • [13:20] We ponder if/when the MLB season will start and how the schedule may look if there is indeed baseball this year.
  • [19:35] The impact of an abbreviated season on service time and CBA negotiations.
  • [30:51] Will MLB try to change the playoff format this season?
  • [36:59] Mailbag question: Does a shortened season World Series victory mean as much in the history of the sport as a regular-length season World Series victory?
  • [44:08] Mailbag question #2: Which of these four players is most likely to be in a Yankees uniform five years from now? Least likely? Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, or Miguel Andújar.
  • [54:16] What does the outfield look like to start the 2020 season if everyone returns from injury prior to Opening Day?

Again, we apologize for any sound quality issues. We’re making the most of a tough situation as all of you are. Please don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and spread the word.

We hope you and your families remain safe and healthy. See you again next week.


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  1. MikeD

    Regarding the Gary vs. Judge question, you could be right, although one obstacle to Gary being here past five years is his position. He’ll be 32 then and catchers start breaking down in their early 30s. The Yankees may only be interested in taking what he can give up until that point and letting him go because it’s unlikely he’ll be improving at that stage. As for the future, I wouldn’t write off Seigler as quickly as the group collectively seemed to. He was viewed as a much better prospect that Culver ever was. His main issue last year was a patella fracture. Biggest concern is he has been injury prone, which is hurting his early development. Then again, Higgy eventually overcame that issue. He’s regarded as having strong defensive skills. He’ll either make it as a catcher, or he won’t. That same year they also drafted Breaux and Antonio Gomez, who we may be hearing more about. Reminds me of when they signed/drafted Sanchez, Montero, Romine and Murphy. The Yankees are good at developing catchers, be it an All-Star like Sanchez, good starting catchers like Cervelli, solid BUCs like Romine, and even useful pieces like Murphy, who they used and then pawned off for a starting CFer. There’s also the stolen catcher, Torrens, and they knew when to dump Montero. The drafting of trio of catchers in 2018, as well as rumors they’re focused on another big catcher in the upcoming international draft indicates they’re thinking four of five years down the line to prepare for, perhaps, the post-Gary years. Catchers do take a while to develop, but this is an organizational strength.

    Anyway, enjoyed the Podcast, and I’ll be listening again to future episodes. We need something during these down days!

  2. RetroRob

    I think they’ll play a “season” even if it’s only 1/3, or 54 games. Basically, why not? It’s revenue, and it will fulfill a commitment to the TV networks and RSNs who desperately need content, and a fan base and a country who need a distraction. Yes, it could lead to weird things, like a team bad simply getting hot and making the postseason (think of that hot start the Mariners had last year), but so what? What’s the argument against it? That’s it’s not pure? Who cares? Move forward, play a sprint, maybe expand the teams in the postseason, and crown a champion, no matter how short the regular season is. Hey, if the Detroit Tigers somehow sneak in and win it all (I’ll take an extreme), why would we care? Let’s get back on track as soon as possible. Just my belief.

  3. Chris

    Tip for apple podcast users trying to find this: look for The views from 314ft. The search doesn’t find it without the ft.

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