Edwin Encarnación placed on injured list with wrist fracture

Unbelievable. Or, perhaps very believable given how injuries and this team have gone together. There’s a pretty good chance the Yankees don’t see Edwin Encarnación again this season, and it’s a shame. After a slow start in pinstripes, he’s come on strong and was an excellent fallback when Luke Voit got hurt. So of course, both of the team’s first basemen go down in the same week. Here’s how it happened today:

I’m sure everyone is thrilled that Clint Frazier once again did not get the call. I guess the Yankees wanted a true first baseman on the roster, which Mike Ford is. It helps that Ford’s also been outstanding in Triple-A (149 wRC+ in 349 plate appearances). Still, there’s plenty of room on the roster and lineup for Clint, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Perhaps after the second game of today’s doubleheader there will be a more definitive timeline for Encarnación. It seems pretty doubtful that he’d be back in the regular season, but maybe the postseason is still in play.


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  1. RetroRob

    This has been the weirdest season I’ve seen since I started watching the Yankees in 1972. An unbelievable roster of injuries balanced by an incredible set of production from other players, including former scrubs.

  2. dasit

    nothing stops this train

  3. Betty Lizard

    May Boston rot in baseball hell this season. And may the Yankees be indomitable.

  4. So much depth on this roster. Just about any other team would have been overwhelmed.

  5. Rich

    I understand keeping Valera up until Didi shows he can play. After that, if Valera is not sent down and Frazier brought up, Cashman should be fired for malfeasance. Ford replaces Voit, Frazier replaces EE. When CC comes back they continue to go with 12 pitchers or Tauchman goes down until Sept 1. With no Sanchez, EE, Stanton, Voit this team needs a strong right-handed bat. He can DH every game so people can’t cry about his defense. If he is not brought up in this situation he should have been traded, because obviously Cashman can’t stand him!!

    • SM

      The Red Sox were either reckless or negligent. I lean toward the former. It seems to happen sort of often with them.

    • He isn’t keeping Frazier down because he doesn’t like him. He is keeping him down for a much more practical reason – limiting service time and gaining another year of control. It benefits the organization so he is thus doing his job. The Yankees don’t really need Frazier until the postseason anyway because they are running away with the division. Makes perfect sense to get another year of control.

  6. CountryClub

    From an injury perspective, this team has been cursed. I’m not sure how much they can take before it finally catches up to them.

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