Domingo Germán Placed on MLB Administrative Leave

Lindsey Adler of The Athletic dropped this bombshell on Twitter about an hour ago:

MLB is currently conducting an investigation on the alleged incident. According to the policy, the initial period a player can remain on Administrative Leave is up to seven days. There is the option to extend if MLB needs more time with their investigation.

There are very little details available at this time. We do not know if this involves Germán’s domestic partner or his children. According to TMZ, a site that has broken verified stories in the past, the incident occurred when the Yankees returned home from their recent road trip in Toronto.

Here is an official statement from the Yankees:

The Yankees call up Mike King as the replacement for Germán on the roster. We will update this post if and when more details emerge.

UPDATE: There is new information coming in on the Germán situation. The biggest piece of news comes from Bob Klapisch:

If you connect the dots, this would suggest that the alleged incident potentially occurred at CC’s charity event. Of course, we don’t know this for sure, but the public setting where both players and league officials would be in the same space on the same date points to the gala.

Aaron Boone just finished speaking with the media on the incident. Here are a bunch of notes from that press conference:

There is clearly a lot going on with this incident. We are still in the early stages of information so come back here for more updates as they arise.

UPDATE #2: As you would expect with a story like this, the public details of the incident continue to develop. Lindsey Adler, who first broke the news, tweeted out some more information. It appears the incident did not happen at CC’s gala, but rather Domingo’s home:

This update raises some different questions that should sort themselves out in the next days, weeks and months.

Lindsey also had an update pertaining to the MLBPA’s stance on the matter:

This may not bode well for Domingo. The general purpose of the union is to protect its members in various circumstances. Refusing to appeal could indicate that the evidence and information presented to them was pretty damning. This is obviously speculation at this point, but this decision is telling.

If there are more updates, we will post them here.


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  1. Robinson Tilapia

    I hope everyone involved is ok, and I hope German gets whatever help it is he needs and returns to dominate for us.

    • Randy

      If these allegations are true, he shouldn’t be a Yankee moving forward.

      • Jason M.

        One step further: if true, he should not be allowed to be in MLB.

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Yes, because what men is these situations need is to be denied their ability to work.

          I work with these men. What I wish for every single one of them is that they be able to get right back to work while they deal with their issues.

  2. CountryClub

    Adler has a new report that basically says the Klapisch info is wrong.

  3. ΣδυG 。・ 』

    More details just emerged, apparently the one who saw it wasn’t an MLB official now. Either way whatever gets resolved, just hoping the best for the victim regardless of what happens next.

  4. There is absolutely no excuse for hitting a woman whether it be in public or private-if he did it publicly there are likely prior incidents that weren’t reported.

    It’s good that MLB has a process in place for investigating. If he is guilty then it’s likely we’ve seen the last of German in a Yankees uniform for a long time if ever.

    • Your a Looser Trader FotD

      Chapman says ‘sup.

      • I didn’t like the Chapman trade because of those issues but he had already been through the disciplinary process and had to serve a 20 game suspension before playing with the Yankees, this is a different situation.

  5. Cult of Basebaal

    Per tweet from Bob Klapisch: “I’m told the incident involving Domingo German and his girlfriend occurred late Monday night/Tuesday morning in a public setting – he allegedly slapped her during an argument. According to an MLB source, the incident was witnessed by an official from the Commissioner’s office.”

    • Dani

      Unacceptable imo. But the Yankees traded for Chapman, so they obviously don’t care too much. I would’ve already released German, I don’t wanna see someone like him in pinstripes.

  6. RetroRob

    As a fan, this is a sad and unfortunate event. No details at this time, but hopefully anyone involved in this is ok.

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