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This isn’t good. DJ LeMahieu was removed on defense in the top of the sixth inning of tonight’s game against the Red Sox. Earlier in an at-bat during the bottom of the fourth, LeMahieu swung-and-missed at a Nathan Eovaldi cutter and grimaced after the follow through. He stayed in to finish the at-bat and then played defense in the fifth frame.

It would be really nice if the Yankees caught a break here and it turns out to be nothing more than a day-to-day thing. As much as it stunk to lose Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, the Yankees actually have good depth in the outfield to fill those holes. When it comes to the middle infield, not so much. Tyler Wade came in to replace LeMahieu tonight and could have to start regularly if this is serious.

Update, 9:22 p.m. EDT:

So we’ll have to continue waiting for imaging results, unfortunately. That will likely come tomorrow, though we’ll certainly hear Aaron Boone’s sentiments after tonight’s game.