Dipping a Toe into the Trade Pool

Though we’re all waking up this morning with a more sour Yankee taste than we’d like, the fact remains that the team is in contention. Given that fact and that it’s June, it’s time to look forward to the rest of the year and what can be done to improve the team.

In a surprise not many saw coming, the Yankee offense is the thing in need of improvement. The pitching staff has, for the most part, been excellent and likely won’t need too much tinkering. Luis Severino’s impending return will help bolster it, too. Now, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look to explore trade options, but the priority needs to be the offense.

With Chris Gittens now called up to (potentially?) plug the first base hole and, thus, move DJ LeMahieu back to second base, the can be kicked down the road a bit and the focus can shift to the outfield, specifically center field, LHB if possible. Beggars, though, can’t be choosers and any outfield help should be considered.

MLBTR ranked the top 40 trade candidates the other day, so let’s take a look at the outfielders on the list. They are:

Mitch Haniger, SEA

David Peralta, ARI

Joey Gallo, TEX

Michael A. Taylor, KC

Robbie Grossman, DET

Starling Marte, MIA

Corey Dickerson, MIA

Kole Calhoun, ARI

Anthony Santander, BAL

Nick Castellanos, CIN

Of those, only Taylor and Marte are listed as CF and both are RHB. One name not listed, perhaps because his contract is pretty friendly–is Ketel Marte of Arizona, who plays center field and is left handed.

If the rest of the Yankee offense were clicking, I’d be okay with going after Taylor, who’s a good defender. But given his offensive profile and what the Yankee offense is doing right now, I think he’s a pass, even if his cost would likely be low. Starling Marte is just a better hitter and, even if he’s right handed, the Yankees have to take a surer thing to get the offense boosted a bit. Ketel Marte offers enough of a sure thing at the plate, too, and he is left handed, something the Yankees sorely need.

While early June certainly isn’t late, the time has come for the Yankees to press things a little bit. With each passing game, it’s harder and harder to say ‘they’ll come around’ or ‘they’ll snap out of it.’ Is it possible their hitters do that? Absolutely. But with their record falling over the last two weeks and few of those hitters showing signs of coming around, it’s time to go get some help.


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  1. DZB

    I looked at baseballtradevalues.com to look at how they valued Ketel Marte and was a bit shocked how high his value is. I thought of building an offer around Deivi, but he doesn’t even make that large a dent in the cost.

  2. dasit

    you might have mixed up ketel and starling because there’s no chance the d-backs are giving up their marte. if they were i’d back up the truck

  3. Cary

    Bringing up Thomas Milone is a better idea that trading for anyone not named Ketel Marte.

  4. Wire Fan

    Yankees vs lefties 96 wRC+
    Yankees vs righties 94 wRC+

    The need for lefty hitters is VASTLY overblown. And the fixation on it is dragging the team down. It has led to one dimensional players who can’t hit cluttering the roster simply because they are lefty and possess raw power. And it has led to absurd lineups where crappy hitters are batting 2nd on many occasions simply because they stand in the correct box.

    If the Yankees are looking to upgrade the team just get the best hitter/overall player.

    The other real problem is the LT. Some of these guys probably put the Yankees over the threshold. And given the shortcuts they took filling out the roster this past off-season, I don’t see them reversing course.

    • Cary

      Yet Boone staggers left handed hitters throughout the lineup and since the Yankees have the worst left-handed hitters in baseball they wind up getting way too many at bats. There’s a reason he’s doing this. Favorable matchups put a ton of pressure on opposing pitchers. The numbers you are quoting are very skewed because so many of the Yankee’s ABs splits are influenced by horrendous left handed hitters, from Hicks to Gardner to Odor..etc.

      Plug a few left-handed hitters who can actually hit into the lineup and the numbers would look vastly different and then Boone could create some favorable matchups.

      • Moooooooose

        i think the point they are making is that the righties aren’t doing their job either. there are plenty of good hitters who should make lefties feel “pressured” in this lineup. those hitters just haven’t done anything with meatballs they’ve been continuously served up

  5. Bubba Crosby's Left Cleat

    I don’t understand, if you (I think fairly at this point) don’t think that the offense as currently configured is going to come around why would you go pursue the CF market and put yourself at the high end of the price range?

    If the current Yankees aren’t going to come around I’m not sure that Ketel Marte vs. Michael Taylor really matters. They have a 79 OPS+ over their last 7 days & the season OPS+ is trending downward. They have some of the best pitching in franchise history and a negative run differential.

    The Yankees should be considering their next moves very carefully. They flat out refused to add talent & give their absolutely exhausted / banged up guys ANY help in the previous years. Going out and adding 2021’s Xavier Nady isn’t going to help anything.

    If the Yankee offense comes around a defensive CF with a little contact/speed is fine. If it doesn’t, no CF acquisition is a difference maker for this team.

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