Derek Jeter elected to Hall of Fame

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Today’s announcement comes as no surprise. The Baseball Writers’ Association of America voted Derek Jeter into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown with 99.7 percent of the vote. Jeter’s not the only new entrant to the Hall, by the way. In addition, Larry Walker, Ted Simmons, and the late Marvin Miller will join Jeter.

Jeter’s election makes it the second straight year a prominent Yankee receives a plaque. Last year, the Captain’s longtime teammate and co-member of the Core Four, Mariano Rivera, was unanimously chosen. Like Rivera, Jeter’s Hall of Fame case was a slam dunk:

  • 3,465 career hits (6th all-time)
  • 5 World Series rings
  • 1996 American League Rookie of the Year
  • 2000 All-Star Game MVP
  • 2000 World Series MVP
  • 14-time All-Star

Clearly, it wasn’t a matter of if he’d make it on the first ballot. Rather, would he also be a unanimous entrant? Nope. Just one of 397 voters did not vote for Jeter. Can’t wait to see whose bright idea that was.

Looking to attend Jeter’s induction? This year’s ceremony is at 1:30pm on Sunday, July 26th. It should be a massive turnout given the proximity of the Yankees’ fanbase and Jeter’s popularity.


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  1. DJ Lemeddardhieu

    It’s an absolute abomination that Jete didn’t get a unanimous vote, Derek. You just know it was a Boston writer out for revenge. Whomever that was should be sent out to pasture like an old horse with a broken leg. We used to deal with these people a lot smarter as a society. Remember Alger Hiss? I have no problem with Walker getting in. He was a good player for Colorado but it’s time to let guys like Clemens and Bonds in. Get these old farts out of the writers association and they’ll get in.

  2. Brian

    Jeter was an all time great, and one writer is an asshat because they want the clicks on their article. Unless they are a first time voter, there is no reason to make the “no unanimous inductees” anymore because they did it last year. Either that or they truly believe that Jeter should have to wait an additional year or two because he wasn’t a world class defender along with being a world class hitter for most of his career.

  3. JG (Ben Francisco)

    I’m so happy

  4. dasit

    i feel old
    also: absurd that it took this long for miller

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