Dellin Betances tears achilles

What. On. Earth. This is devastating. Dellin Betances is likely done for the season because of a partial tear of his left Achilles tendon. He just got back after missing all of the season and this is how he gets welcomed back? Sheesh. Tonight was looking so good, too.

Dellin made his season debut against Toronto just two days ago. He looked elated to be back on the mound after a long road back and is one of the most beloved guys in the clubhouse. I feel so bad for him. He worked so hard to get back and was just about to hit free agency and cash in on his talent.

He appears to have suffered the injury on the last pitch of his outing Sunday:


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  1. Madrugador

    WTF! They rehabbed his shoulder and nobody thought to have him stretch his Achilles tendon?! Unacceptable. Lose the training staff and see to it they never work in MLB ever again.

  2. If he tore his Achilles on that last pitch, how does he laugh and smile at the fact he lost track of the outs? Isn’t it supposed to be one of the most painful injuries there is?

  3. DZB

    So sad for Dellin!

    I hope he comes back on a short deal to re-establish his value after a lost year. I was getting excited to see him as part of the influx of talent heading into the postseason! At least the bullpen is still a team strength and the week is still a net positive if Severino stays healthy!

    I imagine this might push Loaisiga into a BP spot. He is looking better and has been great over the last month (from his second game back on Aug 20 he has 11 IP, 2 ER and 12K by my count).

  4. RetroRob

    I give up.

  5. Wire Fan

    Yikes. Spending the whole year rehabbing and finally healthy with a shot at pitching in the playoffs, and now it is a completely lost year – that is just brutal. And a terrible break heading into FA. He might have to settle for a 1 year deal at a small guarantee with some sort of club friendly club option.

    Also terrible for the Yankees. They are 5 deep in the pen, 4 on days Green is opening. They really could have used another reliable arm. With them seemingly wanting to turn German into a 9 batter guy to piggyback with someone and probably short outings from guys like Tanaka, Severino and Happ/CC(?) who will be the bridge guys? Loaisiga? Cessa? Tarpley? Cortes (I hope not)?

  6. James Terry

    Ouch. Delin deserves much better, hopefully it just delays his deserved big payday by a year.

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