It’s official: Start of MLB season delayed

Well, that didn’t take very long. The way things have escalated in recent days made this inevitable and the wise thing to do. Spring training has been suspended (though the Yankees and Nationals are still finishing up one last game) and Opening Day has been pushed at least two weeks.

This is a huge bummer, but had to be done. It was only a matter of time until there was public knowledge of a player, coach, other personnel, or a fan in attendance testing positive for coronavirus. As much as we all want MLB back in our lives, there’s simply no need to exacerbate the spread of the illness.

Hopefully we get better news in the coming weeks, but it’s really a mystery at this point. Remember, the two week delay is bare minimum, so brace yourselves for something longer.

Update, 3:52pm: Minor league baseball’s season has also been delayed, as expected.


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  1. Dani

    It’s the right decision to suspend the season but it sucks nonetheless. I think there’s a non-zero chance that we won’t see any baseball this year and tbh I don’t expect the regular season to start before July.

  2. Mungo

    If the start of the season is delayed, then perhaps Stanton, Judge and Paxton will all be back for the new start. One change here though is German. He’s scheduled to return in June, but let’s say the season doesn’t start until May or June. I suspect that means he won’t be back until August. His ban is based on number of games, not days, right? If MLB has suspended its season for the moment, then German’s return clock has stopped ticking. I think. Anyone know for sure?

    • Brian

      German’s suspension is for games, not days. So unless German or the MLBPA appeal to the commissioner’s office on a technicality or sorts due to a shortened season, we won’t see German in June.

      • Mungo

        Thanks. That make sense since the suspension is based on a set number of games. It wouldn’t surprise me, though, if they do petition for a change based on the shortened season. Probably no reason not to try.

  3. JG (Melky Mesa)

    Keep Dr. Ahmad away from our guys. He’s gonna get them infected with corona and kill them.

  4. RetroRob

    I don’t want to alarm anyone, but I just saw Will Smith and his dog walk by my home.

    Seriously, this is a bummer, but I’ve been expecting it for the last couple of weeks, so not surprised. I’m not confident they’ll be resuming play in a couple weeks. This virus isn’t going anywhere for a while. Maybe they play in empty parks for a while?

  5. dasit

    the incubation period for coronavirus can be as long as 2 weeks. combine that with the fact that we are the only advanced nation on earth whose citizens cannot purchase test kits and it is a mathematical certainty that community transmission has already gone exponential. there’s a non- zero chance that the entire season will be cancelled


  6. Brian M

    Now we can re-project our Opening Day lineup and roster! They said the season would be delayed AT LEAST 2 weeks, but my guess is that it’s going to be at least a month.

    1. DJ LeMahieu 2B
    2. Aaron Judge RF
    3. Gleyber Torres SS
    4. Giancarlo Stanton DH
    5. Luke Voit 1B
    6. Miguel Andujar LF
    7. Gary Sanchez C
    8. Brett Gardner CF
    9. Gio Urshela 3B

    BCH Mike Tauchman LF/RF/CF
    BCH Tyler Wade 2B/SS/LF/RF
    BCH Kyle Higashioka C
    BCH Mike Ford 1B/DH

    SP1 Gerrit Cole RHP
    SP2 James Paxton LHP
    SP3 Mashiro Tanaka RHP
    SP4 J.A. Happ LHP
    SP5 Jordan Montgomery LHP

    Reliever Aroldis Chapman LHP
    Reliever Zack Britton LHP
    Reliever Adam Ottavino RHP
    Reliever Chad Green RHP
    Reliever Tommy Kahnle RHP
    Reliever Luis Cessa RHP
    Reliever Jonathan Loasiaga RHP
    Reliever Jonathan Holder RHP

    Now that looks like an 83 win team!!! (Out of 130 games)

    • Bishop Don Magic Juan

      LOL, if these guys hit their higher end projections that could still be a 100 win team….out of 130.

      I agree, that while necessary and inconvenient, this may actually help the Yankees heal up (other than Sevy)

    • RetroRob

      Wut? How come no Jasson Dominguez in the lineup by the time MLB resumes?

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