Corey Kluber Exits Early With Right Shoulder Tightness

Well, this sucks! In the start after throwing a no-hitter, the Yankees’ second-best pitcher so far exited tonight’s game after just the 3rd inning of work. That was obviously not a great sign. This is an even worse sign:

I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but I think we can all agree: UGH. Of course, this is the same shoulder that caused Kluber to miss the entirety of the 2020 season last year. It is not a great sign to see him have shoulder tightness now, though it could just be super cautious from the Yankees. That also wouldn’t surprise me.

Let’s not try to get too pre-mad or sad…but I’m not feeling great. If nothing else, Kluber will have to miss at least a little bit of time. That will hurt the Yanks, as he was looking like a real difference maker. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope it’s not too bad. More to come as we learn more.


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  1. Mungo

    Kluber provided an update saying he didn’t feel any pain and it was nothing similar to what he felt last year. In this case, he felt tightness. He defiantly was off.

    Hopefully the MRI confirms it’s nothing serious.

    • Mungo


      No word if he was defiant.

  2. Gerreddardit Cole

    Kluber’s done for the year, Bobby. And I think we’ll look back on that no hitter as the last hurrah of his career. He’s done. It was always a gamble. And now our season’s hopes are pinned on Sevy. In the meantime Deivi can come up. Or Cash could go get another starter but he won’t.

    But once again the lineup is just dreadful. Even during their good run they’d win games 2-0 or 2-1. You just can’t sustain that pitching and throw a no hitter every game. Where’s Stanton? He needs to be here for these important division games. And they say well he needs to run the bases first. No he doesn’t and why hasn’t he done that yet? He just needs to stand at the plate and hit and slow jog around the bases.

    And thanks for the memories, Brett Gardner, but please retire so Boone doesn’t trot you out there 7 days a week. Brett is done like Jay Bruce. Watching him is like Jeter in his final year. Boone is going to have to roll the dice with Clint in CF and Miggy in LF. Use Gardy and Wade primarily as defensive replacements. Gardner cannot be an every day CFer at 37 years old. And once again Cash could go get someone but won’t. In fact, he traded away our depth in Tauchman and won’t call up Florial.

    • Moooooooooooooose

      We can cool it on the “season’s” done negativity. Your lack of confidence in a significant trade is understandable, though let’s wait to see what this MRI says and let the next two months play out before the trade deadline comes around. Plenty of teams are getting slammed with injuries and we have 114 games left in the season!

      As for Florial, he’s struck out in 28% of his ABs in AAA while hitting .176, or essentially what Tauchman has done at the MLB level this year (29% K rate, hitting .208). Not to mention the early success Peralta has brought to ‘pen.

  3. Jason

    We saw the high reward of this rotation last week, so it’s fitting the high risk is happening now.

    Tanaka deserved better.

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