Coming next week to Views from 314ft: CC Sabathia Week

We are in the ever-darkening twilight of CC Sabathia’s time in pinstripes and his career as a whole. The last 11 seasons have been a combination of triumph, failure, rebirth and lasting positive impact, one that puts Sabathia in a prominent spot within the annals of Yankees and baseball history.

Therefore, we figured we’d get a headstart on his pending retirement and do a CC Sabathia Week starting Monday. We’ll have at least one CC-centric article a day, trying to articulate what he’s accomplished on the field and meant to the organization and fanbase in New York.

We’ll still have all our normal content with series previews, recaps and articles on the Yankees’ pending postseason run (and hopefully less injury content). But Sabathia deserves extra attention with just a few games left in his illustrious career.

A playoff hero, a pillar in the community and an all-around great dude, Sabathia means a lot to us and likely to most, if not all, of our readers. Whether shutting down the Orioles, starting a World Series or cursing at the Rays, he’s been a constant source of joy, awe and entertainment. We hope to capture that in the week and future to come.


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