Clint Frazier optioned to Triple-A

Another day, another surprise for the Yankees’ roster.

The Yankees optioned Clint Frazier to Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre to make room for 1B/DH Edwin Encarnación.

With Mike Tauchman called up earlier in the week, the expectation was for him to head to Triple-A for Encarnación. Then, when the Yankees needed room for Giancarlo Stanton on Tuesday, either Frazier would be optioned or Cameron Maybin would be designated for assignment.

Now, Tauchman will likely be sent down Tuesday unless the Bombers choose to go to a four-man bench for one of the first times this season.

“He’s played a role on a winning team and that doesn’t necessarily stop now, but that’s where we’re at roster-wise,” Aaron Boone told reporters postgame.

The move allows the Yankees to give Frazier everyday time in the outfield in Triple-A while solving an overcrowded Major League outfield. Boone said the decision was “very” difficult while expressing his belief that Frazier will play a role on the Yankees again this season.

Frazier has been a steadying force for the injury-decimated Yankees this season. In 209 plate appearances, he’s hit 11 home runs and batted .283/.332/.513 (119 wRC+). The 24-year-old hit well enough to stick in a Major League lineup.

His much-ballyhooed bat has contrasted with his defensive performance. Frazier has three errors and has been worth -7 Defensive Runs Saved on the year. He’s put up -10 Outs Above Average according to Statcast, better than only Seattle’s Domingo Santana.

Regardless of trade rumors or spats with the media, Frazier has spoken with his bat and has the combination of youth and talent that is worth hanging onto for the Yankees. Still, his next opportunity in the Bronx will have to wait.


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  1. Robinson Tilapia

    Pretty much the right moves here. I’d preserve depth for as long as possible. This means Maybin stays, and I hope they have an agreement worked out with him to return to the team once there’s no move left other than getting rid of him.

  2. Steve

    Anyone know what happened to the slack channel?

  3. Brian Hickey

    Too many DH’s with EE coming in. Let him get ABs and some confidence in the outfield. The way this season has gone, he will be back in no time.

  4. SM

    Gardner is gritty even if he is in a steep decline. Great GMs all appreciate grit over production.

    • Dan

      Brett Gardner’s career OPS: .735
      Brett Gardner’s 2019 OPS: .760

      He has higher defensive metrics so far than in any season since 2011.

      How are we measuring a “steep decline,” exactly?

      • dasit

        history tells us the steep decline will happen after the all-star break
        give him at-bats now and around late july make him the best fifth outfielder/defensive replacement in mlb

        • CountryClub

          We all know he’s been playing too much so far. With the guys they have coming back, I would think his second half would be better than usual. He should get plenty of rest this yr.

          • dasit

            the second half he’ll have the perfect amount of playing time

      • SM

        Yikes. He’s not hitting the ball hard and his expected stats are near the bottom of the league. Amazingly, his actual wOBA (.304) is higher than his xwOBA (.279). That means Gardner’s been fortunate to have a .228/.302/.443 line.

    • BillyMartinVanBuren Boys

      Wait I thought I read last night Jake Barrett was the move?? Did I miss something?

      • Dan

        Barrett was moved from the 10-day IL to the 60-day IL to make room on the 40-man, but they still needed a 25-man roster spot.

  5. CountryClub

    If he didn’t go down today, he was going down tomorrow. No sense in people getting riled up over one day.

    • Wire Fan

      Frazier was going to be sent down before Maybin, the only surprise was that it was today instead of tomorrow.

      Maybin was going to be kept around until Judge gets back, just in case someone gets injured prior to then or Judge takes longer than expected. No point losing the OF depth off the 40 man roster until you absolutely have to.

      And in just about 55% of the ABs that Frazier has had, Maybin has produced the same fWAR. The offense is only slightly lower (112 wRC+ vs 119 wRC+) while Maybin obviously offers superior D and baserunning. Even ignoring the options status, Maybin should be the last man to go.

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