Bring in Brock

With Spring Training almost officially here, there’s little left for the Yankees to do. The James Paxton injury throws a wrench into their plans and that’s worth discussing. Luckily, both Bobby and Derek have that angle pretty well covered, exploring both internal and external options. Instead, let’s think about the Yankees’ utility infield situation. Randy discussed this earlier and I did, too, back in December. Like Randy suggested on the 5th and I suggested back in December, the Yankees should sign Brock Holt to be their utility man.

Brock Holt would definitely bring a sense of comfort and reliability to the Yankees’ utility role. There probably isn’t any upside left in him, but what he is as a player fits the needs of the position.

He can play all over the field and the various defensive metrics seem to like him well enough. While he won’t hit for much power, he’s got a decent average and has a solid walk rate in his career. His strikeout rate (around 20%) is a touch high for a guy with low power (.103 carer ISO), but the positional flexibility and the walks can help make up for that.

The predictability he offers is preferable to the upside of Tyler Wade and Thairo Estrada, even if Holt will cost more than what those two make combined. Both those young players have shown flashes of skill and success, but it hasn’t been sustained.

Last year, we saw how important depth is to a winning roster. Holt adds depth and insurance. If they don’t sign him–or any other infielder/utility player–they’re left very thin should someone in the infield get hurt. If they sign Holt and he gets hurt, they can still fall back on Wade or Estrada.

The Yankees, with or without another utility player, are going to be a very good team and win lots of ballgames. However, they still need a small piece or two in order to guarantee that even more. Given his skillset and fit for the team, Brock Holt ought to be the one.


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  1. Whatever happened to “play teh kidz?” Thairo was very good in his cameo last year, and has a good chance to be better than Brock Holt. Wade can’t hit, but he’s a great defender and baserunner. If the Yanks get Holt, I hope he doesn’t block Thairo.

  2. DJ Lemeddardhieu

    I saw the thread title and threw up Papa John’s in my mouth, Matt. I swallowed it again because why waste good food but there’s no reason to bring in Brock unless you’re talking about Lou Brock. First of all, Brock Holt is a Sock and a cheating Sock at that. We don’t want that kind of player around here. Secondly, we already have our Brock Holt in Tyler Wade. Tyler can play anywhere in the IF or the OF and I’m sure if Boone had to he’d have him pitch or catch. I wouldn’t mind catching for him. There’s no upside in Holt like there is in Wade. And usually when a player sits out there unsigned it’s because he isn’t any good. Kimbrel sat out there last year then the Cubbies brought him in and he was trash. And he was a Sock too. If these players aren’t good enough to play on that awful Sox ballclub then they shouldn’t be anywhere near the Bronx.

    • Mark Raphaelson

      Didn’t seem to stop you from signing Damon, and you certainly didn’t have any problem signing Clemens once his non-cheating, steroid-free days were behind him. Typical Yankee hypocrite. Brock didn’t cheat, but if he did, that would make him a perfect fit for the Yank-mes.

  3. pat


  4. Mungo

    Seems strange that someone like Holt is still out there considering his position flexibility and the addition of the 26th roster spot this year. Suggests he’s asking too much. Cashman and others are likely waiting for his price to drop.

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