Yankees trade Luke Voit to Padres for prospect Justin Lange

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It didn’t take long for the Yankees to answer my question from yesterday. The Yankees announced that they have traded Luke Voit to the Padres in exchange for pitching prospect Justin Lange.

Voit mashed in four seasons with the Yankees, posting a .271/.363/.520 (137 OPS+) batting line. He led the AL in homers in 2020 when he also finished 9th in MVP voting. Pretty impressive for a guy who was a Quad-A slugger for St. Louis before the Yankees acquired him mid-2018. Voit represented one of many under the radar finds that the front office made in 2018 and 2019, and also became a fan favorite.

Unfortunately, Voit became the odd man out after injuries and the Anthony Rizzo trade last summer, though it took until now for the trade rumors and speculation to come to fruition. He’ll be San Diego’s primary designated hitter, while also taking some time at first base from Eric Hosmer.

Lange, the return in the deal, is a six-foot-four right handed pitcher who was the 34th overall selection in the 2020 draft. He was a high school draftee out of Texas and had a difficult professional debut in rookie ball last year. In nine starts (22 innings), Lange struck out 29, walked 15 (eek), and had a 6.95 ERA. Apparently, he had some knee issues that limited him.

Lange was a top ten prospect in San Diego’s system, but it’s also not a particularly deep farm. After throwing in the mid-to-high 90s as a draft prospect, his velocity dipped in 2021, perhaps as a result of the knee problems. Figure to see Lange back in rookie ball to start this season, as long as he’s healthy. Sounds like a project to get his velo back up for the Yankees player development, too.


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  1. Jersey Jerry

    Maybe this trade was a bit premature? It is likely that rosters might be expanded for the first month or so and Voit would have been a great DH/bench player particularly given injury risk?

  2. dasit

    lange’s birth date: 9/11/01

    i feel old and weirded out

  3. Jacob

    Considering what they gave up for Voit, what he did, and his current value due to injury I think this is a good trade. Lange reminds me a little bit of German as a prospect (if I remember correctly). Big ceiling but limited time due to injury. Could easily become a) a big log starter at the back end to mid rotation b) a solid trade piece for the yanks in the future

  4. Mike

    Not a bad trade.

  5. Jonathan Jacobs

    Lange might be the type of prospect Oakland likes

  6. DZB

    A guy who is only 20 and was a first round selection in 2020 may have lost some shine after his poor debut, but that still seems like a decent lottery ticket to get back in the trade. The 12 Ks per IP is the bright spot. If he is healthy and they can get their pitcher devo people to help his mechanics, I imagine he could emerge as a solid prospect (fingers crossed!).

  7. I know the argument can and has been made that this year’s team has improved and will be better than last year but man it just really feels like a rebuild year. I’m sure it’s a combination of not signing big name FAs who fill obvious needs and the trades of lineup mainstays but man, I just cannot get excited for this team….I’m sure that’ll change when I start watching actual games but who knows.

  8. Tim Loceddardstro

    Well Luke had to go, Derek, but a 7 ERA is the best they could get in return? What happened to the two aces we were supposed to get back like they were proposing on Twitter? Good thing Cash isn’t the lead negotiator for Ukraine or they would have trade Zelensky to Russia for Steven Stegal and half a bottle of vodka.

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