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The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 71: A Nice Run

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The good times keep on rolling as Randy, Rohan, and Jaime are notoriously happy for this episode. The three of them discuss what they think has changed on this Yankees team since the start of the season, highlighting the Bombers defense as an underrated aspect of this huge turnaround (with a really great rant in the middle!). Then they go about how the pitching is going, both the lows and the highs, each of them also highlights a different pitcher in the rotation -with the newcomer to the Pod Tim doing a great suggestion himself-. Finally, they talk about the incoming A’s series and their expectations about the good guys leading the division once the Playoffs arrive.

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Game 118: A unnecessarily stressful win

The Yankees won another one today with a 2-1 victory over the Angels with all of the runs scored in the 1st inning.Was it pretty? From an offensive point of view, it was not at all, but still they all count the same. I will definitely take every W they can get, however ugly they are.

To the takeaways:

Game 110: Sinking the Mariners

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The Yankees get yet another comeback win against the Mariners to assure the series win! Things are looking pretty great in Yankee World right now. They’ve won their last 5 games in a row and are 10-2 since that Red Sox series we don’t want to talk about.

To the takeaways:

Yankees Trade Target: Trevor Story

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You know the drill, the Yankees need some help and they need it fast. A good option to start addressing those needs is no other than arguably the best position player available in the market right now. It’s Trevor Story-time!

Background & Performance

Story is a 28 year-old (turns 29 in November) shortstop, who has started there for the Colorado Rockies since his MLB debut in 2016, and with good reason. He is on the really short list of best shortstops in baseball ever since that year. How is he so good then? Let’s take a deeper look at him, shall we?

The right-handed hitting Story has a career .273/.339/.521 (110 wRC+) slash line, good for a .361 wOBA. In that time, he has accumulated a magnificent 24.2 bWAR value. That bWAR total represents a 5.43 bWAR per 650 PA (a proxy for full season), which is a value put up by no-doubt All-Stars every year.

Additionally, if we zoom in a little bit in his past 3 seasons — 2018, 2019, 2020 — we can see that he’s had WAR/650 PA values of 6.14, 6.94, and 6.53. That works out for a 6.54 WAR per season value, and that my friend is approaching upper-echelon level All-Stars now. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Game 97: The Yankees steal one!

Damn, does it feel nice to day that. Especially in a season when they have lost some real ugly ones, thankfully that didn’t happen today. The Yankees took their first W in Fenway this year with a 4-3 score in a game that was looking ugly until the 8th. Look at this thing:

On to the takeaways.

Non-competitive hitting the first 7 innings, and then they made something happen.

Eovaldi came at them all game long, and the Yankees couldn’t muster anything. Take a look at Eovaldi’s pitch chart:

Eovaldi’s pitch chart taken from Baseball Savant

Remember the start of the season when guys were missing hittable pitches left, right, and center? Well, welcome to part two. But this time they’re not hitting for different reasons. Instead, the Yankees are trying to do damage with players like Greg Allen and Rob Brantly. What’s the OPS of those guys in Triple-A this year? How does .778 and .868 sound to you? And that is with the rocket ball in Triple-A, I guess Brantly’s is not bad but the dude is 32 there. They along with Quad-A player Gittens are not MLB-level players and are showing that much. They may have won a few crazy games but that isn’t sustainable.

When you add Gleyber Torres and his 86 OPS+, second hitter Brett Gardner and his 74 OPS+ (More than 25% worse than league average), 2021 DJ with his 96 OPS+, and a suddenly lost Giancarlo Stanton (who’s probably pressing): what do you expect? For seven full innings, they were destroyed by Eovaldi.

Luckily, they did have a rally in them in the 8th. A big-time BABIP fueled rally, but a rally nevertheless. Florial started with a legit hard hit double, and after two outs and what seemed to be yet another squandered opportunity, Gardy and his 74 OPS+ did bring him in with a single. A hit with runners in scoring position, I can’t believe my eyes.

After that, in came Ottavino to put out the fire. Except he couldn’t. In a really cathartic way after his struggles in New York, the Yankees finally managed to hit against Ottavino. It all started with a Giancarlo blooper that hopped into the fans for a ground-rule double. The exit velo? 70.3 mph. After that, they left Otto to face lefty Odor who is the most trustworthy bat in the lineup right now. He yet again answered the call for the offense and smacked a double to the Green Monster for two runs to score. Game tied. Let me repeat again, Odor has been pretty darned good and is a really good piece for this team.

A Gleyber blooped hit to right later and it is advantage Yankees 4-3. I’ll take that, thank you so much.

Now to the huge elephant in the room, even if they did the job tonight. The lack of talent in the lineup right now is evident. It is not time for the FO to sit in their asses. The Rays just got their new best hitter in the lineup. The Yankees should follow up adding some pieces so they dont need to play more than a third of the lineup with the Scranton Team.

Taillon is pretty good

Jameson Taillon put together yet another good start. He went for 7 innings of 3 run ball (only one earned) while striking out 4 and walking 3. The K’s were not there today but he did do the job (even with some awful defense behind him), and he did get whiffs. His 4-seamer had a good 31 Whiff%, and his curve got an amazing 40 Whiff%. He keeps those up, and the K’s will surely follow.

Take a look at his pitch chart:

Taillon’s pitch chart taken from Baseball Savant

That I think is the best Taillon has executed the new North-South approach with the Yankees. He dominated a pretty good offense and they really needed. He delivered the stopper performance they were needing. Heck of a job Jameson.

What we are seeing from Taillon is really encouraging, he is correctly executing the plan the Yankees had for him when we got him. It may have taken a while, but I will for sure take that the rest of the way. A healthy and adapted Jameson Taillon is a legit really good rotation piece.

Is Florial winning a spot on the team?

Yes he had some funky defense on the first inning triple playing the Monster incorrectly, and then in the 8th crashing with Allen while making the play. But truth be told, he is doing it with the stick, and it’s not like the Yankees are flush with good OF options right now.

He probably isn’t ready for the bigs yet, after all, he was OPS’ing .719 in AAA with the rocket ball along with a near 40% K rate. But he came into the night slashing .214/.353/.500 with a .356 wOBA. He is overachieving his .316 xwOBA, but at this point they have to ride that wave.

Today he was pretty good, he started that 8th inning rally with the double and overall went 2 for 3 with a walk adding a single to the previously mentioned double. His only out was even hit over 100 mph as well!


  • Big brain fart from Rob Brantly in the ninth running the bases. It looked like he thought like there were two outs in the inning and ran like hell on the flyout for the second out (He almost made it to home plate!). Then the Red Sox defense obviously doubled him up to end the inning. The 2021 Yankees and double plays man.

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