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Game 144: The Yankees say not today

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As that GOT reference indicates, the Yankees stopped their free-fall today with a W against the Twins. Who at this point, just can’t do anything to beat the Yankees no matter how bad they are playing. It was tight, sure. It was really stressful as well. But a huge W due to what’s in play.

To the takeaways!


Game 137: Wow…

Talk about blowing any goodwill that may have been left from the 13-game win streak. This was as pathetic a showing as they have had this season, so I hope you had some better plans drawn up than watching this.

Anyways, here are the takeaways. Let’s keep it short as there is not much good to highlight and it’s Labor Day.

The Views From 314ft Podcast Episode 71: A Nice Run

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The good times keep on rolling as Randy, Rohan, and Jaime are notoriously happy for this episode. The three of them discuss what they think has changed on this Yankees team since the start of the season, highlighting the Bombers defense as an underrated aspect of this huge turnaround (with a really great rant in the middle!). Then they go about how the pitching is going, both the lows and the highs, each of them also highlights a different pitcher in the rotation -with the newcomer to the Pod Tim doing a great suggestion himself-. Finally, they talk about the incoming A’s series and their expectations about the good guys leading the division once the Playoffs arrive.

The podcast is still being recorded remotely. We are operating over Skype, so we apologize in advance for any sound quality issues. We hope you continue to bear with us as internet connections can always be tricky during recording.

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Game 118: A unnecessarily stressful win

The Yankees won another one today with a 2-1 victory over the Angels with all of the runs scored in the 1st inning.Was it pretty? From an offensive point of view, it was not at all, but still they all count the same. I will definitely take every W they can get, however ugly they are.

To the takeaways:

Game 110: Sinking the Mariners

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The Yankees get yet another comeback win against the Mariners to assure the series win! Things are looking pretty great in Yankee World right now. They’ve won their last 5 games in a row and are 10-2 since that Red Sox series we don’t want to talk about.

To the takeaways:

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