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The Rule 5 Protection Deadline

The deadline for protection came and went and with most of Yankees Twitter expecting a big trade, the Bombers did the opposite and got their much-needed roster spots cleared via small moves. In summary:

The Added Players

The first reportedly added player was the most obvious. High minors breakout middle infielder Oswaldo Carera, who could be an option for the MLB team backup infield position next season.

The next reported player was outfielder Everson Pereira, who survives yet another deadline after rumors of him going the Trade Deadline for Joey Gallo. He’s quite some time away from the MLB team, but he has some prospect status (ranked 13 in the system by MLB pipeline) and the Yankees probably don’t want another Luis Torrens case.

Then came the big announcement where the team confirmed the addition of right-handed pitchers Stephen Ridings & Ron Marinaccio along with the lefty J.P. Sears. Remember you can check out the profiles for all of these players in our previous Rule-5 post by Derek.

So who did they cut from their previously full 40-Man roster? well…

The Cuts

Yeah, no it wasn’t Matt Olson but the Yankees did do a small trade with the Phillies first:

Clearing who I thought would be the 3rd Catcher next Season Donny Sands along with Nick Nelson. They traded them for two low-minors prospects in lefty-hitting 21-year-old 1B T.J. Rumfield who slashed .250/.426/.263 (Yikes that SLG) over at Class A this past season, and the also 21-year-old lefty Joel Valdéz who pitched in the DSL this past season. As expected, neither of them was ranked in the Phillies top-30 prospects. This is not about getting some huge guy for the future, just about clearing spots.

Then came the bomb with the cuts:

It seems Randy finally got through to Cashman as the now-former Yankees UTIl Tyler Wade was designated for assignment. Along with Clint Frazier and Rougned Odor as well. The last two are not terribly surprising, but it is interesting to see Chris Gittens and Miguel Andújar make the cut before them.

This looks like sadly the end of Frazier’s time with the Yanks, we hope nothing but the best for him first in terms of health and secondly in terms of his Baseball career. As for Rougned I personally thought they might have kept him because of him being a decent BU-INF option and how cheap he is (Texas is paying his contract) but it wasn’t to be.

For all the out-going players we wish you the best in your future.

What went wrong with the Yankees Offense?

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We expected the Bronx Bombers to continue being just that, an offensive juggernaut that ranks solidly among the top five offenses in the regular season. I mean, they’ve been constantly doing this ever since the Baby Bombers got here. How could we consider any other outcome?

Well, another outcome did indeed happen. And it was…not good. Now that’s everything is said and done for the Yankees, it’s time to check on why this happened.

So, let me get to my best Marvel’s “What If?” The Watcher’s voice, and say: Follow me, and ponder the question: What the hell happened to the 2021 Yankees’ offense?

Game 158: Bo ends our fun

*Sigh* I guess you can’t win them all. The Yankees mounted a valiant comeback but the Bichette-led Jays ended up winning this one 6-5. Boston also won their game against the O’s so the Wild Card home advantage lead is now 1 game over the Red Sox, and two over the Jays.

To the takeaways:

Game 144: The Yankees say not today

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As that GOT reference indicates, the Yankees stopped their free-fall today with a W against the Twins. Who at this point, just can’t do anything to beat the Yankees no matter how bad they are playing. It was tight, sure. It was really stressful as well. But a huge W due to what’s in play.

To the takeaways!

Game 137: Wow…

Talk about blowing any goodwill that may have been left from the 13-game win streak. This was as pathetic a showing as they have had this season, so I hope you had some better plans drawn up than watching this.

Anyways, here are the takeaways. Let’s keep it short as there is not much good to highlight and it’s Labor Day.

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