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Game 153: The Late-Inning Defensive Replacement Catcher Who Saved the Season

With 9 games left in the season, the Yankees are back in playoff position. They dispatched the Rangers 7-3 Wednesday night, scoring 7 unanswered runs and 4 in the 8th inning. It was a great game that got my Yankee energy flowing in full force. Yelling at the TV, talking trash on Twitter, the whole 9 yards. The win meant that the Yankees actually swept a team, and boy did they need to. Even a single loss in this series would have been catastrophic, but they took care of business. Thank god for that.

Anyway, let’s get right to tonight’s takeaways, which I’m actually posting on time. Imagine!


Game 152: A Nice, Easy Win As Severino Returns

With 10 games remaining, the Yankees are still very much in the hunt for the Wild Card. At 85-67, they sit just a half-game behind Toronto (85-66) and two games behind Boston (87-65). Last night’s 7-1 victory over the Rangers was a big one for a few reasons. First, both Boston and Toronto won. The Yankees didn’t cede any ground. Second, it was something of a blowout victory, for once, meaning that the bullpen was rested. That’s important with an off-day tomorrow and a huge series coming up against Boston. Finally, Luis Severino returned to the mound. Pretty self-explanatory.

Let’s get to all of that and more in today’s takeaways.

Game 146: God Bless the Orioles (x 2)

As I said yesterday, may every game be against the Orioles. The Yankees beat the Orioles 4-3 yesterday, and while the game was much closer than it needed to be, a win is a win – and the Yankees need every one of those that they can get right now. There is a three-way virtual tie in the Wild Card race between Boston, Toronto, and New York, so we are in absolutely no position to complain about a win.

With that said, let’s get right to the takeaways, shall we?

Game 145: God Bless the Orioles

God bless the Baltimore Orioles, am I right? I know the Yankees dropped 2 of 3 to them a few weeks ago, but they are so bad. They’re exactly what a scuffling team needs after a first dose of Minnesota Twins. The Yanks pounded the Orioles 7-2 last night after jumping out to a 5-0 lead in the first 3 innings. May every game go like that from now until Halloween.

Let’s get right to the (delayed) takeaways.

Game 141: Another Night, Another Loss

The Yankees are absolutely embarrassing right now. I said this last night, and I meant it then. I mean it again tonight. There is absolutely no joy in watching this team play baseball right now. The only silver lining – to the extent this is even a silver lining – is that the Yankees are the very definition of an up-and-down team. The Blue Jays lost to the Orioles, somehow, and the Red Sox are currently losing. That means they still have a playoff spot.

And, of course, if they get into the playoffs, anything can happen. They are as good as anyone when they’re hot, and baseball is a dumb, stupid sport that can change on a dime. So it’s not all lost. That said, it’s not good. I would honestly be shocked if they made the playoffs at this point, and tonight’s embarrassment at the hands of the Mets (the Mets!) did not bolster my confidence.

Anyway, with all of that out of the way, let’s get to another round of depressing takeaways, shall we?

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