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Mailbag: Correa, Andrus, Contract Structures

Happy Monday, all. As Derek noted last week, we’re moving the mailbag feature to Mondays moving forward. It helps kick the week off on the right foot, you know? Anyway, the first few weeks of the offseason are always relatively quiet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t news for the obsessives. The Yankees made a flurry of 40-man roster moves and marginal changes, so check out Derek and I’s recaps of each here, here, and here. That will likely be the end of it for a while.

So, to fill the dead air, let’s get to some mailbag questions. As you can imagine, most of these relate to shortstops. If you have a question to submit, please do so by mid-day Sunday. Send us a note at We choose our favorites each week.


Brett Gardner, Yankees Mutually Decline Option

The Yankees’ offseason has now officially begun. The team announced that Brett Gardner declined his $2.3 million player option today; in turn, the Yankees declined their $7.15 million team option for the longest-tenured Yank. In other, related news, Darren O’Day declined his player option, and the Yankees declined. That was not surprising.

The Longest Tenured Yank Bounces Back, Again [2021 Season Review]

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At this point, you know how you feel about Brett Gardner. You either believe the 38-year-old outfield staple has a place on the Yanks until he hangs up the cleats or you think it’s embarrassing that the Yanks keep bringing him back on what is ostensibly a title contender. Little will change anyone’s mind on this. I do want to offer a few fun facts about the longest-tenured Yankee, though:

  • Gardner’s 44.3 career bWAR as a Yankee is good for 17th in franchise history. It’s more than Don Mattingly (42.4) and Jorge Posada (42.7), while ranking just behind Robinson Canó (44.4).
  • If his career was spent entirely in Toronto instead of New York, he would be the best position player in Blue Jays history by bWAR, ranking ahead of Jose Bautista (38.3). That is also true in Arizona (Paul Goldschmidt, 39.9) and Miami (Giancarlo Stanton, 35.7). He’d even be close for the crosstown Mets (David Wright, 49.2).
  • With 1,688 games played in pinstripes, just 12 other people in history have played more games for the Yankees. (With one more season under his belt, he will be in the top 10 in this category.)
  • Gardner has 1,470 hits as a Yankee. Just 21 individuals have more in pinstripes.

That is just some context about Gardner, who is a much bigger part of Yankee history than you likely thought. Anyway, Gardy put up a .222/.327/.362 (93 wRC+) line in 140 games for New York as he was once again thrust into regular playing time. He often looked rough, particularly during the first half, but he rebounded in a serious way after the All-Star Break.

This is me, watching Gardner play during August and September:

Let’s break down his performance, shall we?

Thoughts After a Busy Day in Yankeeland

Yesterday was a very busy day in Yankeeland. The busiest it will get until the Winter Meetings, most likely, or until they make a big splash in free agency. First, the Yankees re-signed Aaron Boone to a three-year contract with a fourth-year option. Then, after that was announced, Brian Cashman and Boone both addressed the media for their end-of-year press conferences.

Lots going on! Much of it was significant, too. Let’s get to some thoughts, shall we?

The Yankees’ End of Year Press Conferences: News & Notes

After this morning’s big Aaron Boone news, Brian Cashman took to the podium to give his annual end-of-the-season press conference. That was always how this was going to go. Make a managerial decision, then have the press conference. Makes sense.

Anyway, Cashman said a lot of interesting things today. That is pretty typical for him – I always like listening to him speak. I know the Yanks’ GM has his fair share of critics these days, but I find him to be pretty forthright and nuanced in his remarks. Sure, he is always going to have his standard talking points and non-answers, but he usually goes a level deeper than you’d expect. Today was no different. Here is a rundown of the most notable announcements, with a more detailed analysis of the day’s happenings to follow a bit later on:

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