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As if the Yankees didn’t have enough games postponed already due to COVID-19, rain resulted in yet another last night. Straight doubleheaders used to be novel and fun, but now they’re annoying. Especially when the Yankees have to play three double headers by this Sunday and another on September 4th. It’s going to put quite the strain on this pitching staff, but it also might mean an opportunity for (you guessed it) Clarke Schmidt.

I’ve mapped out the Yankees’ schedule below, which is obviously subject to change given COVID-19 and the weather. Let’s just assume all goes well from here on out (lol). Here’s how I’ve laid it out:

The Yankees will need three To Be Determined starters over the next couple of weeks. Now, all three of these pitchers won’t be traditional starters. In reality, some of these games will be bullpen games. That said, I can’t imagine that the Yankees will want to throw back-to-back bullpen games on the August 30th and September 4th doubleheaders. I presume one of those starters are those days will be of the traditional variety. That’s where a prospect like Clarke Schmidt or Deivi García comes into play.

Quick aside: I think there’s a nonzero chance that García might actually be more likely to start before Schmidt. He’s already on the 40-man roster whereas Schmidt isn’t. I wrote about the 40-man roster crunch recently, by the way.

With that García note out of the way, here’s how the rotation could play out:

This means we could see the debuts of Schmidt or Deivi this Sunday. That’s exciting!

On the flipside, the near-term schedule is pretty indicative of how badly the Yankees need another starter, especially with James Paxton out. If Brian Cashman lands a starter (or two), the opportunity for Schmidt or García to become a part of the rotation could dry up after that August 30th need.

For now, the Yankees have to prepare themselves to utilize the prospects in the coming weeks. Aaron Boone and company can’t assume that an external reinforcement will be here come the trade deadline. The front office is assuredly working on bringing in some help, but Cashman isn’t one to overpay in trades. He likes to make deals on his terms rather than make moves in desperation.