ALDS Game 2: Back ’em into a corner

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Game 1 was great, but there’s more work to do. The Yankees can grab a commanding 2-0 series lead in this best-of-five with a win over Tampa Bay this evening.

Tonight is the first playoff game that neither Gerrit Cole nor Masahiro Tanaka start for the Yankees. Instead, rookie Deivi García gets the ball in a move sure to be scrutinized or praised heavily depending on the outcome. I have little doubt that García is up to the task given his demeanor throughout the regular season. Clearly, the Yankees feel similarly. Don’t forget to read Bobby’s thoughts on this decision (and other Yankees matters), by the way.

On the other side, the Yankees are up against yet another stellar starting pitcher in Tyler Glasnow. He’s got a terrific curveball, so we’ll see how he deploys it against an offense that has handled breaking balls with ease of late.

Here are tonight’s lineups:

New York Yankees (1-0)

  1. DJ LeMahieu, 2B
  2. Aaron Judge, RF
  3. Aaron Hicks, CF
  4. Luke Voit, 1B
  5. Giancarlo Stanton, DH
  6. Gio Urshela, 3B
  7. Gleyber Torres, SS
  8. Clint Frazier, LF
  9. Gary Sánchez, C

RHP Deivi García

Tampa Bay Rays (0-1)

  1. Austin Meadows, DH
  2. Brandon Lowe, 2B
  3. Randy Arozarena, LF
  4. Ji-Man Choi, 1B
  5. Manuel Margot, RF
  6. Joey Wendle, 3B
  7. Willy Adames, SS
  8. Kevin Kiermaier, CF
  9. Mike Zunino, C

RHP Tyler Glasnow

News & Notes

First pitch is scheduled for 8:07 p.m. eastern. TBS carries the telecast and WFAN and WADO have the radio broadcast. Enjoy the game.


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  1. Harris Kaserman

    Crazy that the Rays have an actual bullpen without paying 3!!!! of them $10M a year. Insane that we play this luxury tax runaround instead of simply developing power arms.

    • Gerreddardit Cole

      It just amazes me that incompetent umps like CB Bucknor never get fired and get rewarded with postseason games.

  2. MG309

    When did giving up 4 runs in 5÷ innings, regardless of K’s, become something to overly praise?

    What bs

  3. MG309

    Stanton’s bomb was Mantle-like, what a shot

    This game isnt over but I absolutely hated the Garcia/Happ ‘trick’s, just hated t

    • Gerreddardit Cole

      Well it was just unnecessary. If he had just left in Deivi we could be up 4-1. Or just started Happ and kept him in routine he might have fared better. They hadn’t done the opener at all this year. Boone got too cute.

  4. Gerreddardit Cole

    Well this game is as good as over. We just can’t hit Glasnow, especially when CB gives him such a big plate to work with. Boone’s little trick with Deivi and Happ blew up in his face. What a waste of Deivi’s talent. Just let Happ start regular like he always does to keep him in routine.

  5. Gerreddardit Cole

    Was Deivi not watching yesterday? Walk Arozorena! Don’t let him beat you. Boone better get Happy in there.

  6. Gerreddardit Cole

    I’m surprised to see Clint over Gardy, Derek, but I like it. Stick with the hot bat. Deivi will be fine. It’s a neutral site game with no fans and the kid doesn’t seem to rattle. Yanks win 6-3. One of the Yankee pitchers needs to throw a 95 mph heater up and in at a Ray tonight. Send a message after what they did to Gio and Gleyber after Stanton’s salami.

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