ALCS Game 4 postponed

As expected, tonight’s Game 4 has been postponed. The incoming storm will bring plenty of rain tonight and there was simply no way this game would have been played.

Game 4 will be played tomorrow at 8:08pm. Friday is no longer an off day; Game 5 will be played at 7:08pm at Yankee Stadium. That means no travel day between Game 5 in the Bronx and Game 6 in Houston.

If you had tickets to today’s originally scheduled game, they’re valid for tomorrow (Thursday). And if you had tickets for what was supposed to be Game 5 tomorrow, those are now good for Friday night.

This helps the Yankees a bit as they can avoid JA Happ until Saturday, though they probably would go with a bullpen game if the series was in the Astros favor, 3-2. However, it also means four straight games without a day off, which could be tough on a team so bullpen-reliant. Houston also benefits because they can stave off their bullpen game until Saturday as well, though they could face the same relief issues the Yankees do.

Tomorrow, Masahiro Tanaka and Zack Greinke can start on full rest. Friday, James Paxton and Justin Verlander can go full tilt as well. Houston could hold off on Verlander until Game 6 if they’d like, too. The Yankees almost certainly will wait as long as possible to go the Happ/bullpen route.


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  1. RetroRob

    If they Yankees can take the next two, then the Astros will be faced with an elimination game that’s a bullpen game for them.

  2. JohnW

    The crazy thing is depending on how things go the Astros could be pitching that bullpen day in game 7! Let’s say Yankees win game 4. Then Astros almost are sure to pitch JV in 5. If Yanks win that too then you assume they pitch Cole at home in 6 to stave off elimination. That leaves the bullpen for game 7.

    I suppose Astros could bullpen game 4 or 5 and save JV/Cole for 6/7, but that doesn’t seem their style. Will be interesting to see how they play this.

  3. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. The Astros bullpen day was going to include a lot of Urquidy OR whichever starter is on a throw day. Game 4 as normally scheduled was their pen day, Justin Verlander’s throw day. With the reschedule, none of their top 3 guys are going to be pitching in that game. It’ll go Greinke, JV, pen day, Cole. Greinke would be the only reasonable option in that pen game now and on one day of rest I’d bet that’s not happening. JV would have had 2 days off, appear in game 4, 2 days off between starts since he was slated for extra rest.

    • I still think it’s advantage Astro’s, but I was fully expecting Verlander to pitch an inning or two today. Now we get a full bullpen game from them (if we get that far).

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