Aaron Hicks to have wrist surgery, could miss rest of season

Well, the headline and Bryan Hoch’s tweet say it all. The Yankees have lost Aaron Hicks for what quite possibly will be the remainder of 2021. This is reminiscent of Mark Teixeira needing season ending surgery for the same injury back in 2013.

Hicks was already on the injured list, so there’s no corresponding roster move. Presumably, he will be transferred to the 60-day injured list at some point so the team can add someone new to the 40-man roster. That player could be Delino DeShields, whose name came up in rumors this morning.

There definitely will be someone coming along at some point, because 37 year-old Brett Gardner will need some help out in center field. Whether that’s Greg Allen, who’s currently on the Triple-A injured list, or a trade for someone like DeShields (or someone else), expect something soon. No, not Estevan Florial. He’s not ready yet.


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  1. Cary

    The Yankees are definitely going to play Brett Gardner a lot and coming into the season he was supposed to just be a utility outfielder. Not only are the Yankees going to play him a lot but Boone will make sure he gets more at bats than just about anybody on the team because the Yankees have zero options to balance the lineup.

    Many of us have been saying for years that the roster construction leaves a lot to be desired and many bloggers defend the predominantly right-handed approach.

    All the yeankees really need is defense from whoever they plug in so I have no problem giving Florial a cup of coffee, why not? Sure he strikes out too much but who cares. It’s not like Hicks did anything offensively this year & Florial could bat 9th & get baptized by fire a little bit.

    How is it that Gardy manages to be physically available when no one else can be? LOL.

    One really outside the box idea would be to move Judge to LF & play Stanton in the OF. If Stanton can’t hack it then he can join Hicks and then when the trade deadline approaches the Yankees can really focus on two outfielders instead of one. I think the team will be better off in the long run if they got some reliable athletes and plugged them in at the halfway mark of the season so they could acclimate.

    Enough with these guys who can’t stay on the field. This whole act is getting very redundant.

  2. Wire Fan

    The guys has reached 400 PAs just once in his career. Giving a guy with his history a 7 year deal was nuts and shows yet again how the LT has messed up the roster construction.

    You also have to wonder how long he is for CF – his UZR and DRS #s are negative the last 2 years. And he’s starting to get to an age where there just aren’t a lot of full time CF’s. With Judge, Stanton, Frazier and Andujar (who I think gets dealt this winter), it will be a strain on the roster construction going forward if he has to move off CF sooner rather than later.

    Hopefully the Martian rockets thru the system.

    • dasit

      even at rocket speed the martian is 3 years away (and those 3 years will feel like 10)

      • Wire Fan


        Short season ball and maybe low A this year

        Low A, high A next year (maybe AA if he is killing it)

        AA/AAA the 3rd year (cup of coffee if he is crushing it)

  3. Gerreddardit Cole

    Florial is certainly ready. If he’s brought up he would hit more than Gardy. Clint has a broken neck and they won’t put him on the IL. They always do this. They play short handed for a week and then put a guy on the IL. This training and medical staff shoulda been fired years ago. They don’t keep anyone healthy and misdiagnose everything. How did Stanton get hurt DHing? How did Gary get hurt running 180 feet? And Lamarre got hurt running 90 feet. They don’t warm these guys up, they don’t keep them in shape year round and they turn sprained ankles into pancreatic cancer. And Cash bears responsibility giving an oft injured .250 hitting 30 year old CFer a 7 year deal. This is an extension of the Jacoby Ellsbury albatross.

    • Cary

      Spot on & very good points.

      The Yankees are kind of conducting experiments with meaningful games by playing Clint Frazier, Gary Sanchez, Odor & Mike Ford as much as they are playing these guys. Time to pull the plug on all of them.

      Ford has already played himself off the team and it’s a miracle that the Yankees tolerate him. Frazier has mostly looked awful at the plate and the Yankees have players down in AAA who would be much better options. It’s time to start using them.

      Everybody’s seen enough of Odor playing second base instead of DJ? yup

      Chris Gittens is mashing AAA pitching and he’s playing stellar defense. He’s really forced the issue he needs to come up and become the regular first baseman. That means Stanton needs to start playing some outfield because Voit really should be the primary DH. It also means the Yankees could get more out of DJ LeMahieu by playing him at second base more where he can make an impact. Many other teams are starting to eye Gittens. Do the Yankees realize the player they have in him

      Thomas Milone is raking AAA pitching and he is clearly absolutely ready for a cup of coffee with Hicks out. He might be a candidate to be the fifth outfielder going forward also. He gives the Yankees a speedy left-handed bat who can play all three outfield positions. He happens to be on fire right now so why not capture lightning in a bottle a little bit and bring him up for a while?

      Florial has started to struggle with the daily grind of AAA pitching and he probably could benefit from playing regularly and learning. Doing that on the Yankees where games really matter It’s probably not the best for the Yankees nor for him. Gregg Allen can give you some good defense also but I would ride Milone for a spell because Allen isn’t going to hit worth a lick. Milone could be that spark plug from the left side and suddenly you’ve got some pesky left handed hitters chipping singles here and there & putting a little pressure on all these right-handed pictures that opponents keep throwing at the Yankees.

      I really think the Yankees can win with Gardy as their everyday center fielder and I think Wade could be backing him up. Wade has range and he has a cannon for an arm. The Yankees need to realize this and start being smarter.

      It would make sense to explore trading for a really good center fielder but I don’t think other teams are going to do the Yankees any favors at the deadline. That would certainly be a need that the Yankees have. There’s been a lot of talk about trading for a shortstop also but honestly the Yankees need to remain patient with Torres. He really is the shortstop of the future for this team. My thinking is if the Yankees can shore up the defense then the runs Torres costs the team isn’t as magnified.

      Wade is starting to hit a little bit now that he’s playing more regularly. He’s stepping into an expanded role to everyone’s surprise also because he’s so valuable as a backup player due to his versatility.

      Miggy was a guy who had no position and most fans had completely written him off this year and all of a sudden he’s basically the starting left fielder. I think he has a spot on this team as the season goes along but my concern is his defense & Stanton who is an above average outfielder is sitting on the bench staring at the field. The molly-coddling of Giancarlo Stanton needs to stop.

      Higgy is a very valuable member of the team. The way he is framing pitches in the upper 98th percentile of all catchers and the way he’s handling the staff, there shouldn’t even be any question that he’s the starting catcher. That makes Gary trade bait & especially because Rob Brantley is tearing up AAA pitching also and he’s got big league experience. He makes Gary completely expendable.. This gives the Yankees a left-handed bat off the bench also, which with Hicks down the Yankees really need a few lefty hitters.

      Gio Urshela is basically kind of like Greg Nettles in terms of how important he is to the Yankees and his defense at third base is absurdly good. A lot of problems could be fixed with Urshela entrenched at third base and DJ entrenched at second base. Then you have Gittens providing a big defensive upgrade at first base and suddenly the infield’s only real weaknesses Torres who is absolutely going to have some growing pains over there at shortstop.

      Then you take what has been a putrid outfield up to this point and you recognize that Aaron Judge can cover ground and that he’s more valuable to the team in left field, especially with Hicks out. The team now needs Giancarlo Stanton in RF. With the corners solidified and Gardy & Wade holding down center, what was once a big weakness for this team has been tweaked without a single trade being made.

      1B Gittens (by the All-Star break) & Voit
      2B LeMahieu & Wade
      SS Torres & Wade
      3B Urshela & DJ
      C Higgy & Brantley
      LF Judge, Miggy, Milone
      CF Gardy & Wade
      RF Stanton & Judge
      DH Voit & Stanton
      Bench – Wade, Miggy, Brantley, Milone

      Traded: Sanchez, Odor
      Demoted: Ford & Frazier
      Promoted: Gittens, Brantley & Milone

  4. mikenyc2007

    in other breaking news… the Yankees play their home games in the Bronx

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