The Yankees just had an extremely fun comeback to win the first of this doubleheader and Deivi Garcia is currently cruising, so it was only a matter of time before something bad happened. And, as usual, it was in the form of an injury – this time to Aaron Hicks, who apparently injured himself on this 3-1 swing:

It definitely looks weird. Aaron Boone immediately came to check on him, Hicks convinced him to go away and worked a walk…but Boone removed him the second he got to first base. So, yeah.

Who knows what’s wrong with Hicks. We’ve seen multiple Yanks get injured while swinging in the past few years. It’s baffling. Perhaps, though, Hicks was already hurt. Check out this tweet from Yankees Magazine’s Jon Schwartz:

Let’s hope Hicks is okay. I’ll update this once we hear more, but until then, let’s enjoy his huge HR from game one:

UPDATE (7:30 pm): He had “cramping” in both calves, apparantly. Hopefully, his post-game routine now involves drinking several big glasses of water. It usually works for me.