Aaron Evaluation Survey: September 14th, 2020

Things turned on a dime for Aaron Boone’s Yankees last week. Funny what a winning streak can do to wipe away bad memories. That meltdown against Toronto on Monday? Followed by a GM-led team meeting before yet another loss? Long forgotten after the Yankees went on a five game winning streak to close the week. Let’s take a look at latest with the Yankees’ now happier manager:

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Game 47: Yankees Win 5th Consecutive, Best Orioles 3-1


Deivi García’s next challenge


  1. Miles Davis

    Is it really accurate to say Boone protected Chapman? It’s not hard to imagine Chappy being “pissed” at Boone for making his “nature calls” comment. People are talking about him soiling himself / writing about it / laughing about it. Can’t feel good. What could Boone have said? How about ______ (fill in the blank). Anything but the truth.

  2. dasit

    after comparing the clubhouse to a discotheque, boone announced that the probable starters for the blue jays series are bianca jagger, andy warhol, and halston

    • Tom Stanley

      Negative – Yoko Ono, the corpse of George Carlin, and Bono.

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