Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: September 9th, 2019

Results through last week.

I usually use this section to comment on last week’s poll results or the current state of affairs. But really, what more is there to say other than that the Yankees are really good? Even as getting healthy and rested for the postseason becomes top priority, they keep winning anyway. It’s great.

All that’s left now is the division clincher and determination of home field advantage. The former could happen this week, while the latter could go down to the wire. Obviously, home field advantage would be fantastic to have, but the Yankees won’t strain themselves for it.

Now, let’s get on to the usual Monday morning routine:

2019 Regular Season Record: 94-50 (1st place, 8.5 games ahead of Rays)
Last Week: 4-2
Upcoming: Away vs. Red Sox (1 game, 9/9), Away vs. Tigers (3 games, 9/10 – 9/12), Away vs. Blue Jays (3 games, 9/13 – 9/15)

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  1. Interesting that ratings are higher the Monday after a win.

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