Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: October 21, 2019

This was gonna be a big Boone moment in the World Series DVD. Sigh.

At some point later this week or next, I’ll provide a more detailed analysis of this year in voting. For now, one more summary before we get to the polls:

This is it for our inaugural Manager Evaluation Survey series in 2019. Wish we had another week or two of it, but so it goes. Aaron Boone’s club was eliminated at the hands of a great Astros team in heartbreaking fashion on Saturday night. Now that we’ve had a day to stew on the series loss, it’s time for one last referendum on Boone’s abilities this year.

Recent Aaron Boone News:

  • After Game 4’s ugly and error-filled loss, the skipper was ready to “flush it” not longer after the final out. The Yankees rebounded with a win the next night even though things looked really bleak after Game 4. Perhaps Boone’s demeanor helped the club bounce back from not only a poorly played game, but also keep his players on task after the upsetting finish to CC Sabathia’s career.
  • Game 3 decision-making:
    • Aaron Boone surprisingly decided to hit Brett Gardner third in the lineup. The Yankees’ offense struggled as a whole and blew a number of opportunities, but Boone was rightfully scrutinized for his lineup construction.
    • Boone pushed Luis Severino in spite of a shaky outing, though it didn’t come back to bite the Yankees at all. In retrospect, it was good that he gave him some leeway. Eventually, Sevy was removed in the middle of the fifth inning for Chad Green, who escaped a jam.
    • One move that drew plenty of ire: using Adam Ottavino to open the seventh inning. He walked George Springer and allowed a hit-and-run single to José Altuve before getting removed. Zack Britton wasn’t able to wiggle out without allowing the inherited runs to score.
    • Before the game, Boone told the media that Giancarlo Stanton would probably have been on the injured list if it were the regular season. Still, the manager said he was available to pinch hit, but did not use him.
    • Boone started Aaron Hicks for the first time in the postseason.
  • Game 4 decision-making:
    • We finally saw the bullpen wear down at this point. Chad Green, who had been nails, entered in the sixth for Masahiro Tanaka, but struggled and gave up a two-run homer to Carlos Correa. Boone had little choice but to constantly go to a small subset of relievers, which got even smaller because…
    • …Ottavino failed to get an out in this one, again. The skipper went to him for the eighth when down 6-3. Now, he didn’t get much help because of a DJ LeMahieu error, but still.
    • Stanton was in the same boat as Game 3.
    • Boone moved up Hicks to the three-hole. He remained in the heart of the lineup the rest of the series.
  • Game 5 decision-making:
    • The manager finally penciled in Stanton to the starting lineup, though the slugger went hitless. He benched Edwin Encarnación in his place.
    • In the top of the sixth, Boone visited James Paxton on the mound with one on, two out, and the Yankees ahead 4-1. Paxton was adamantly wanted to stay in and Boone obliged. The crowd was fired up and I have to imagine the team was too. The lefty got the final out, though it was a little scary — Robinson Chirinos flew out to the wall.
    • After that, Boone used Tommy Kahnle, Zack Britton, and Aroldis Chapman to seal the victory and force a Game 6 in Houston.
  • Game 6 decision-making:
    • Chad Green opened and allowed a three-run homer to Yuli Gurriel in the first inning. Not ideal for a bullpen game! But, Boone did steal four shutout frames from JA Happ and Luis Cessa.
    • A day after returning to the lineup, Boone sat Stanton for EE in this one.
    • Should Boone have ordered Aroldis Chapman to intentionally walk Altuve in the bottom of the ninth with Jake Marisnick on deck?
  • Here’s Boone’s post game press conference following elimination:

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  1. James Aschmann

    Biggest problem l have: why wasn’t left-handed hitting Ford on the roster? He would have been a great option at DH. Also l was quite worried about Green as an opener in the last game; the Astros had seen him too much and were likely to be ready. So it turned out: they were definitely ready, unfortunately.

  2. AZman

    Boone needs to show more emotions, stop relying too much on analytics & stopp fiddling w lineup n too much rest. Also, Rothschild needs to go coz he makes great pitchers dumb n good pitchers dumber

  3. I’m a flawless manager because I don’t make any decisions until after the game is over.

  4. D.B.

    Boone is what you want. Girardi was not.

    (Forrest Gump voice) “That’s all I’ve got to say about that.”

  5. dasit

    it’s pretty simple:
    green was the obvious choice for opener
    he didn’t do the job and that was the game

  6. What sucks is not just that the Yankees went 5-35 (or something) with RISP, what sucks is that if they just went 6-35 or 7-35 at any point we’d at LEAST have played a game 7 if not be preparing for the WS.

    As far as the lineup, I really have no issue with EE or Stanton being in there. Both looked awful but both could have changed a game with one swing. Same with Gary. Alvarez was equally as bad as all three of those guys but I still was terrified every time he stepped in the box.

    • RetroRob

      I agree, although in the next-man-up year, the Yankees had a number of players show up at the end who may not (and likely weren’t) at peak. Stanton, EE, Hicks and Sanchez. Four hitters in the lineup who all returned form injuries right before the postseason, and one during the postseason. I know Hicks had a big HR, but no way was he at his optimum. That’s three or four hitters in the lineup who contributed to those bad RISP numbers.

  7. Yea, I can’t get on Boone for this loss. It really was a team effort. Boone did not have ample options in high leverage situations. Ottavino scared the heck out of me any time he was in the game, but he’s a healthy arm and someone needs to pitch the innings. Also, it just takes one good outing to get a pitcher like him back on track.

    Also, I had no problem with the lineup construction. Sanchez, Stanton ad EE were not players in this series. Didi wasn’t the regular clutch Didi either. If they just had a couple more bats that weren’t so ice cold…

    Chapman pitching to Altuve wasn’t the end of the world for me. When I have my closer in I want to make the other team beat me, and they did. Altuve needs to hit a double or more to score Springer and he did. I don’t want to give up a seeing eye single to lose a game or a pass ball.

  8. Steve W

    No way would I have walked Altuve, which would have put the winning run on 2B where he could score on a single. Altuve is great, but Marisnick hits singles far more often than Altuve hits XBH. In general, even the worst hitters hit singles more often than the best hitters hit XBH. Boone did the right thing, it just didn’t work out.

    • Exactly, Chapman got beat. That’s that. I thought it was over as soon as they went into the bottom of the 9th tied. If Chapman is working with a lead, I think it ends differently, but hey, there’s no way to know that.
      Letting Game 2 slip through their fingers was the real game changer.

      • RetroRob

        Once DJ hit the HR, I was hoping Judge could add one more right there, because I had the same feeling you did. If it goes to the bottom of the 9th tied, the Yankees likely lose it at some point. Maybe not in the 9th, but extra innings. Their bullpen was thin. The Astros had more options. The Astros were home. Maybe they go to Severino, but then there is still game 7. The Yankees had to take the lead in the 9th to have a chance at winning that series. It wasn’t to be.

  9. Saul Goodman, Esq

    Don’t forget Domingo German’s absence certainly affected their already shaky pitching plans. Apart from what he apparently did to his family, he really let the team and fans down when he was needed the most.

    • Agreed. I think about this every time someone says “oh the top teams in the AL don’t even have 4 legit starters”. We had a pretty damn decent one until he decided to show his true colors.

  10. Kathy O'Nell

    I would of walked Altuve… Should Of’s Would Of’s Kathy O’

  11. Dan A

    For the tactical issues, it’s tough for me to blame Boone for a lot, aside from his Otto usage.

    How much of Stanton missing is on him compared to it being on Stanton, or solely the injury?

    The bullpen was gassed at the end, but that was more due to having not great SP, as opposed to any move by Boone. (Aside from game 1 where he could have left Tanaka in longer).

    I’d love to be able to say he should have pinch hit or pinch run somewhere, but faulty roster construction, especially in light of the Stanton injury negated that.

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