Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: October 12, 2020

Year three of the Aaron Boone era ended the same way the last two did: short of World Series expectations. This time, the Rays bounced the Yankees in the ALDS.

I don’t think Boone handled things well in this series against the Rays, whether it was Game 2 (which in fairness wasn’t just his decision), trying to steal outs with Masahiro Tanaka, or pinch hitting Mike Ford in Game 5. I also don’t think he acquitted himself well after the series was over, reacting harshly to a question about whether or not the season was a failure.

The Yankees have a decision to make on Boone soon. The manager’s contract has an option for 2021, and in spite of some curious in-game decisions and three straight disappointing playoff performances, it sounds like he’ll back back.

With that, let’s get to our last survey of the year. In addition to the three usual questions, I’ve also added one more regarding Boone’s 2021 option. Please take some time to vote below. And if you want to see the results from last week’s survey, scroll down and click read more.


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  1. Boone being outmanaged is tiny compared to the players being outplayed. We need another great SP to complement Cole, Severino and (eventually) Garcia. Love Tanaka but he’s had 3 bad postseason starts in a row and is now a #4 starter at best.

    • Wire Fan

      The question is not whether Boone is part of the problem, the question is whether he is part of the solution.

      Unfortunately I believe a lot of the decisions are the analytics group with Boone just carrying them out. The opener crap in game 2 screams Yankees analytics group. Same thing with rest days during the season, inserting a 6th starter, etc. I also think they have a lot of the potential bullpen usage mapped out prior to the game.

      Since I don’t see the analytics group changing, I don’t know if Boone or any new potential manager is part of the solution.

  2. Mungo

    Random question. I don’t take the Boone survey often since I never see the results. I hit submit, but there’s no screen ever pops up with this week’s results. There’s a running chart for the year, but nothing that show’s this week.

    It’s easy to overreact when a team loses. The issue is that it’s happened four straight seasons. Maybe they were robbed in 2017, but it feels like the Astros last year and the Rays this year had built their team and pitchers with the Yankees in mind. Just as hitters need to adjust, I believe the Yankees do too.

    As for Boone, he’s a manager that’s part of the Yankee system. My fear is if they replaced him it will be with someone similar. The Buck Showalter types, the field generals, are a dying breed.

    • Gerreddardit Cole

      I said last week that we should hire Buck. I know he wants to get back into managing. I think his discipline and attention to detail is exactly what we need. Old school is good. Just look what Dusty is doing in Houston. Buck would be a much better manager than tv personality Aaron Boone.

  3. Gerreddardit Cole

    Negative zero infinity across the board, Derek. I’ve already called for Boone’s firing. I just don’t know how you can say he’s a good manager. He got outmanaged by Cora, Hinch and now Cash in the postseason. His little stunt in Game 2 cost us a chance to win the series. He never has a sense of urgency and instead had the mindset of well I’ve got Tanaka lined up in Game 3 and Cole in Game 5 so I don’t need Game 2. Girardi got fired for getting to Game 7 of the ALCS with a much worse club. Boone has been handed an elite starter, elite relievers and one of the best lineups in the league and he’s regressed every year. If Joe Girardi was still manager of the Yankees we’d not only have a couple more rings on our fingers, we’d still be playing right now and that tells you everything you need to know about Boone. Boone was a tv talking head. It’d be like hiring John Smoltz to be our manager and Joe Buck to be our hitting coach because they talk good on tv. TV guys make really good cabinet secretaries but not baseball managers.

  4. Frankie Ho-Tep

    You know it’s time for a change when your manager is consistently outmanaged in the postseason. I wonder if anyone remembers how bad his first postseason was, and we collectively (I think it was RAB at the time) gave him a pass as a rookie manager but noted that he would have to get better. Well… he hasn’t. His mistakes this postseason are too numerous and well documented that they don’t bear repeating.

    When your greatest argument for keeping a manager is, “Well, he’s not the reason they lost,” it’s time to change managers. That’s all you got?

    Personally, I’m indifferent as to whether he returns, although he most certainly will. You just have to hope his gaffes won’t continue to hurt this team in the postseason where they struggle enough already. The postseason is walking a tightrope. A manager’s decisions can carry series-altering implications.

    But this time has several bigger fish to fry when it comes to improving. Boone is a little ways down the list, in my opinion.

  5. Sanchez is tolerated way too much by the front office & ownership. Trade him to a National League team looking for a DH if the NL will have the DH next year.

  6. MikeD

    I’m so not a fan of the manager’s duties being shifted to the analytics team in the front office. That’s what led to someone like Boone. He no doubt is good with the players, but the Yankee bullpen management under his guidance has been the worst. I don’t think it’s him. It’s the analytics, and I’m a fan of analytics, but only to the degree it provides knowledge to the manager, doesn’t govern his decisions.

  7. CentralScrutinizer

    I’m OK with firing him but he’s not the only problem. The problems extend into the front-office meddlers and the trade-deadline complacency. Worse managers than Boone, and I don’t think he’s good, have won World Series.

  8. I think the issues this postseason were more with the pregame planning than the in game moves (though I’m still scratching my head on the Mike Ford AB). I’d be okay with a change at manager, but I don’t think that means as much as everyone thinks it does. But, Boone’s inability to recognize this season as a failure is annoying. This isn’t 18 or 19 where you can point to a 100 win regular season and say “we were one of best teams and got clipped in a short series” it was a failure. With the extenuating circumstances though, the chances Boone will be back are 95%+ IMO.

  9. dasit

    they could do better than boone but it wasn’t his fault that severino paxson and kahnle got hurt or that ottavino turned into a pumpkin or that they had to play 5 games in 5 days against a team with an historically great bullpen

    • Mungo

      They were set up nicely heading into the year pitching wise. If someone is to blame, it’s the front office for not reacting when they lost Severino, Paxton and Kahnle. A win-now window means you have to play to win now. I felt like they sat back when key injuries happened this season. Granted, it was a 60-game season, and I don’t even know what was available. Feels like a missed opportunity.

  10. jim

    happens too frequently.

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