Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: June 24th, 2019

You all were pretty positive on Aaron Boone last week; the results hardly changed from the first week we ran this. I’d imagine this week’s strong play will result in more of the same sentiment, if not better. I mean, it’s kind of hard to complain when the team is in this position:

2019 Regular Season Record: 49-28 (1st place, 4.5 games ahead of Tampa Bay)
Last Week: 
 Home vs. Blue Jays (3 games, 6/24 – 6/26), Away vs. Red Sox (2 games, 6/29 – 6/30 in London!)

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  1. I’d like to see the A lineup. Maybe we get a glimpse of it in London, the Yanks only play 2 games in 5 days and it’s the Red Sox.

  2. madrugador

    Boone is too inflexible when it comes to using his relievers. Maybe it has to be that way and Britton will never be ready to pitch in the seventh instead of the eighth. Are relievers such creatures of habit that it hurts their performance to pitch at a different time in the game than what they are used to?

    • I think he’s been decently flexible. He uses his best reliever, Ottavino, in a true fireman role – in the highest of high leverage situations. That by itself puts him head and shoulders above most other managers on bullpen usage. That said, it’s probably more of a front office decision than managerial one anyway.

      • Boone needs to utilize the back of the pen better. For example, Green needs to pitch 2 innings every 2/3 days. Pitch as opener on Day 1. Pitch 2 innings on Day 3 or 4. Pitch 2 innings on Day 1. Also, Holder is overused in high leverage.

        Ideally, Boone should only use 3 of the Big 4 on any day w/ the lead. I would have 2 of the Kahnle/Ottavino/Britton Troika pitch 3 innings if the Yanks need 4 innings from the pen. Hopefully, the Yanks get both German and Severino back next month and Green is used in 6th inning.

        • Your a Looser Trader FotD

          Yes, also hopefully pushing a deadweight reliever off the roster…

        • overseasyankeefan

          What you said above about Chad Green Needing to pitch 2 innings every 2 or 3 days – day 1 as an opener, day 2 a rest day, and a 2-inning reliever on Day 3 or 4 – is practically unlikely, if not impossible. As an opener in day 1 like you laid out above, Green’s pitch count will probably hang around 30 or so. Resting one day after 30 pitches and pitching on Day 3 is not going to happen in today’s baseball environment and unlikely on Day 4, either except as an emergency back-up plan. As for Holder, he has been so far used too much in high-leverage situations but there were mostly contexts behind them if you do look into the bullpen usage in the prior three days.

          Ideally using three of the Big Four on any given day with a lead is fantastic but again hard to put into Exact practice over the course of the whole season. Avoiding using relievers 3 days in a row, rain-outs/doubleheaders, injuries, day-to-day nursing situations known or unknown to the public would throw a wrench into the ideal (but unpractical) bullpen deployment.

          And yes, when German (and eventually Severino) comes back, Chad Green is going to join the already-strong bullpen, which is not only a further boost to the roster strength but also a scale-down of Holder on the depth chart.

          • Why is throwing 70 pitches and/or 4 innings over 5 days impossible for Green? He was a starter. More importantly, Green often does poorly when not starting a clean inning and/or throwing back to back days. Optimizing his performance shouldn’t be so difficult for Boone. Panicking after a Holder blowup and getting Green hot for a middle inning appearance was definitely suboptimal.

          • overseasyankeefan

            It is not about throwing whatever pitches and/or innings over whatever days unlikely. It is the Interval between the throwing and resting day(s) you laid out above practically unlikely in the real game context.

            Optimizing a reliever’s usage over the course of a whole season isn’t as easy as what it looks on paper because day-to-day contexts have to be built in as listed above in the previous reply and that did not even include how daily game situations unfolded – consecutive tight games, blowouts or extra-inning games, etc – that would clearly affect the bullpen usage next day.

            Not sure who is panicking after a Holder’s blowup (except maybe irrational or uninformed fans). It looks very much like Yankees’ usual way of being patient with an established player (Holder last year, Chad Green 2017~2018, Dellin 2014~2016, etc). As for doing poorly when not starting a clean inning, er, Chad Green was a high strikeout fireman until starting being ineffective earlier this year (and occasionally in 2018 compared to his great 2017). As for throwing back to back days, he clearly said in several post-game interviews before that his preference would be multiple innings a day (and resting several days) but he would do whatever the team asked to win games. We are talking about the same Chad Green, aren’t we ^^?

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