Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: June 17th, 2019

2019 Regular Season Record: 43-27 (tied in first place with Tampa Bay)
Last Week:
Home vs. Rays (3 games, 6/17 – 6/19) and Astros (4 games, 6/20 – 6/23)

Recent Aaron Boone News:

Look, I mean obviously it’s been a tough stretch for us the last 10 days or whatever it’s been. But I think it’s been a little bit of everything. We just haven’t played well enough to win consistently.

Some nights, it’s been pitching. Some nights, we haven’t been able to mount enough offensively. A couple of games where we haven’t played clean defensively. We’ve just got to play better overall and do it as a group and when you’re doing those kinds of things, you start to notch some wins, especially with the people we have in there. We have to play better in every facet in the game to start getting back in a winning column.

  • And finally, how will Boone utilize Edwin Encarnación?

Please take a few moments to answer the three questions below. As our data set gets bigger, we’ll begin to present a graph with each post.

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  1. Vivek Dadhania

    hard for me to judge morale, but I think he’s done a fine job overall despite all the injuries.

  2. Robinson Tilapia

    This is…….odd.

    First time I’ve taken part in one of this site’s Monday polls. I have absolutely no clue how I’m supposed to rate Aaron Boone on clubhouse morale. Should I invade the clubhouse and give everyone a standardized measure? I appreciate trying to go for something different here, but I wouldn’t be asking people to rate something they can, in no way, even make an educated guess on. Love ya. Besos.

    • Derek Albin

      I hear you – it’s a virtually impossible question to answer, but I think gauging an outsider’s perspective is interesting depending on what little news we hear.

      I expect the results to the question to move up/down depending on any leaks on something going on internally. From the sounds of it, this clubhouse gels really well and I’d have to think Boone has some hand in that. CC Sabathia has talked about that a lot on his podcast. On the other hand, if there was some sort of mid-game beer thing going on like the Red Sox had a few years ago, I’d bet Boone’s rating would tank.

      • Gonzo The Great

        I mean, you know when its going bad (think fried chicken and beer)… so maybe this is a lay up?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Or when Joe Maddon brings hookers, midgets, and blow?

    • Your a Looser Trader FotD

      Here’s an idea: rate Cashman’s nonsensical nonsense about why we didn’t sign Keuchel.

    • Your a Looser Trader FotD

      Hey what is this “channel” you guys mentioned in the DotF post? Wish I could somehow safely get you an email address to add me to ‘whatever’ without it becoming a whole effing thing.

      • RetroRob

        The one R-Tils and I mentioned? It was a Slack channel that was operating post RAB, but seems some type of Hatfield and McCoys issue popped up and they shut it down. Not sure. I was away for a week.

    • overseasyankeefan

      lol, I thought the same, too when I saw the poll for the very first time today (24th) on the latest poll post. However, I agree with what Derek said below. From an outsider looking in, we could hear/see clubhouse reports and read beat writers’ tweets. We could also hear players’ podcasts to get a hang of the clubhouse overall atmosphere. An actually nice new feature on this blog :-).

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