Results through last week.

Pretty amazing what Aaron Boone’s “savages” rant did for his reputation last week, huh? I expected a jump in his clubhouse rating, but not to this disagree. Moreover, I didn’t really expect much difference for his strategy and media scores. Anyway, I’m sure those will level out as we get further away from that tirade, and this week’s results probably won’t help much either.

2019 Regular Season Record: 67-38 (1st place, 8.5 games ahead of Rays)
Last Week: 
 Home vs. Diamondbacks (2 games, 7/30 – 7/31), Home vs. Red Sox (4 games, 8/2 – 8/4, including doubleheader Saturday)

Recent Aaron Boone News:

  • Even though the Yankees took two of three from Minnesota, there was some criticism of the skipper’s handling of the bullpen. Particularly in Tuesday’s game, when Aroldis Chapman clearly had nothing. To paraphrase what Randy wrote following the game, Boone essentially put blind faith in his closer despite no control and diminished velocity. They were somewhat fortunate to make it out of that inning tied.
  • It’s been tough to watch the Yankees’ starters struggle this week. Even so, Boone has done his best to stay positive. After James Paxton’s dud against Boston on Friday night, Boone thought it was good to see that the lefty’s stuff was “electric”.
  • Positivity aside, Boone also discussed how his staff is trying to get Paxton to turn the corner, notably his typically rough first innings:

“I think it’s very reasonable to think that he can be effective and explosive,” said Boone. “How much can we build him up, that will be the question. He’s doing well. Hopefully if everything continues to progress as it has, he’ll be on the mound probably in the next week or two, and then it starts to move from there. And we’ll start to have those conversations about what makes the most sense in bringing him back.”

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