Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: July 22nd, 2019

Results through last week.

As Randy put it last week, the Yankees are good. And to no surprise, most of you have good things to say about Aaron Boone at the helm. Perhaps there’s a little more to gain in the strategic department, but as long as the team wins, fans will (mostly) be happy. And, after this week in particular thanks to a particular tirade, I have a feeling Boone’s popularity has grown. First, a few quick notes. Afterward, vote on the three poll questions so we can see if Boone’s rant had any impact.

2019 Regular Season Record: 64-34 (1st place, 9.0 games ahead of Tampa Bay)
Last Week: 
 Away vs. Twins (3 games, 7/22 – 7/24), Away vs. Red Sox (4 games, 7/25 – 7/28)

Recent Aaron Boone News:

  • Surely, you’ve seen the manager’s rant and ejection from Thursday by now (there’s also the uncut version):

Please take a moment to vote on the three questions below:

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  1. William D Hudgins

    Is Stanton the new Ellsbury ?

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