Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 3rd, 2020

Now that we’re a little more than a week into the season, it’s time for the 2020 debut of the manager evaluation survey series. For a refresher, take a look back on the 2019 summary of the series from last fall.

It’s gotta be a good time to be Aaron Boone right now. The Yankees have the best record in baseball at 7-1 and are two games ahead of the Orioles (?!) in the division. With that, let’s do a quick roundup of Boone-related news before we jump into the polls:

  • The manager said it was difficult to send down Clint Frazier last week. “Clint’s ready to be an impact player in this league. There’s no doubt in my mind.” (NJ.com)
  • There’s been a slew of pitcher arm injuries around the league, Yankees included. Tommy Kahnle will have Tommy John surgery, as you know. Perhaps that’s why Boone avoided Zack Britton the other night in a save situation vs. the Orioles. (Bryan Hoch)
  • Boone took a little bit of heat for his bullpen management. The Britton example above was one example, though his postgame rationale clarified things. Additionally, instead of going to Kahnle in a tight game in Baltimore last week, he stretched Jonathan Loaisiga out for a third inning and got burned. Of course, we didn’t know Kahnle’s health situation at the time, so Boone sort of gets a reprieve. He also could have gone to Chad Green in that spot, for what it’s worth.
  • After James Paxton’s second lackluster start last night, Boone said that physically the starter is fine: “I feel like he’s healthy and I feel like he feels good”. After that, he danced around another question: Can Paxton compete without his typical velocity? Boone said: “I thought he competed tonight” and followed up with how he’ll continue to work on getting his mechanics back into shape. It’s a bizarre situation, to say the least. (YES)
  • It’s not clear when Aroldis Chapman will rejoin the Yankees even though he was cleared on Friday. Boone noted that he’ll throw a bullpen today. (Bryan Hoch)


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  1. Gerreddardit Cole

    I gave Boone a 1 for decision making, a 3 for handling the media and a 6 for clubhouse morale. And I only gave him a 1 for decision making because I couldn’t give him a negative 500 million, Derek. He’s now been bailed out twice by the greatest player that ever lived, Aaron Judge. Last night was a good example. King is a nice pitcher, and he should be starting instead of broken back Paxton, but why was he still in that ballgame to give up that HR to Devers? Ottavino was warm and shoulda been in there. Thank Judge for Aaron’s second giant dinger or we would have lost to the worst team in the league. And he did the same exact thing with Lasagna in Baltimore trying to squeeze another out instead of going to his best.

    Boone doesn’t handle the media well. He always talks in cliches and generalities. He used to be in the media so he knows how that’s a bunch of crap. And the media doesn’t do a good job of holding his feet to the fire. Where are the Jim Acostas and the Ashley Parkers? Instead we get Meredith who asks tough questions like, “What did it feel like to watch Judge hit that HR?” Give her the pulitzer already!

    What Boone does well is clubhouse morale. You never really hear about any problems coming from the clubhouse but that may be more due to the makeup of the ballplayers that the Yankees have signed recently. No glory hogs, no prima donnas, just low key guys that want to win. Even their stars like Judge and Stanton are quiet no drama players. You don’t have nutcases like Cespedes infecting the clubhouse like a virus and creating drama like Arod used to do. So on that aspect I give Boone a solid 6.

    • I give this response a ‘1’ for quality

    • MetalFrog

      This is clearly a parody post, right? Like this is your trial for writing for the Onion?

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