Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 24, 2020

Last week was not good, to say the least. The Yankees fell out of first place after a sweep at the hands of the Rays at Yankee Stadium. A number of players were put on the injured list. A chance to rebound over the weekend was lost as the subway series was postponed due to COVID-19 positives in the Mets’ organization. A redo would be awfully nice.

Of course, there are no do-overs available for Aaron Boone’s club. This team is once again saddled with a litany of injuries like last year. The manager is confident his squad can overcome adversity once again, though that’s not a surprise from him. One, I wouldn’t expect Boone or any other manager to openly doubt his players and staff. Further, we know Boone tends to wear rose colored glasses. Let’s take a look back at what was a tough week for the Yankees’ skipper:

  • The manager left Zack Britton in too long in the middle game of the three game series against Tampa Bay at Yankee Stadium this week. Not seeing Chad Green whatsoever in the Rays series seems like a pretty big whiff, too.
  • Over the weekend, Boone was asked why he thinks the Yankees are suffering so many injuries again. His response:
    • “I think the uniqueness of this season is a contributor, without question. And while we did the overhaul (of the strength and conditioning program), the overhaul came in January. We haven’t had an offseason yet since we’ve overhauled it. This has all been on the fly and getting up to speed through spring training and into the season in what’s been a very unique year. Confident in our team and in our strength and conditioning team that we are going to do a good job and hopefully prevent certain things from happening. But hopefully when we look up in a couple or in a few years, we’ll really start to see the dividends being paid.” (Brendan Kuty)
  • Gerrit Cole outwardly displayed his aggravation when the skipper pulled the ace mid-inning against the Rays, but Boone didn’t mind one bit. The manager loves it, actually. (Kristie Ackert)

Please take some time to vote in the three poll questions below. You can see last weeks results after the polls by clicking read more.


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  1. MikeD

    I thought his second-year managing (2019) was overall excellent, fixing some of the issues he seemed to have in his rookie year with managing the bullpen. He seems to taken a half step back this year on that front. Not sure if it’s noise in the machine or something else. Have to see how it unfolds. He does an excellent job in managing the lineups day-to-day, especially factoring in all the injuries. Have to also give him credit for creating an environment where the next-man-up system works. He scores high with the players in the club house as far as we know. Hard to rate him with the media. He’s relaxed, they seem to like him, but he’s oddly LESS transparent with injuries than Girardi was. His answers regarding Judge’s injuries were misleading if not downright fabrications initially. He changed his story three times in 48 hours. Overall, he’s been fine, but seems to have hit few bumps this season so far. I’ll happily give him all top marks if #28 happens this year.

  2. Gerreddardit Cole

    Well I think you have to give him zeros across the board, Derek, if not below zero. Kevin Cash came in and managed circles around him and Boone got swept in Yankee Stadium, which has never happened in Yankee history. Boone takes starters out too early and wonders why his pen is always gassed in October. Cole was right to be angry when Boone took him out and brought in Crapavino and Brittleton to blow the game. He doesn’t handle the pitching staff well, crappy lineups last week, doesn’t keep his ballplayers healthy and hold the training staff accountable, lies to the media and fans. If Boone doesn’t win the World Series he needs to be fired but I worry this virus will be used as an excuse. Joe won a thrilling game last night against the Braves. Maybe we should see if he wants his old job back.

  3. Mike Fetkowitz

    Makes poor pitching decisions and erratic lineups

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