Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 19th, 2019

Results through last week.

Another week, another bunch of Yankees victories in the books. Par for the course this season, and it’s awesome. And finally, some stability in your evaluation of Aaron Boone’s work at the helm. Here’s where the Yankees stand as the polls open once again.

2019 Regular Season Record: 83-43 (1st place, 9.5 games ahead of Rays)
Last Week: 
 Away vs. Athletics (3 games, 8/20 – 8/22), Away vs. Dodgers (3 games, 8/23 – 8/25)

Recent Aaron Boone News:

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  1. JG (Ben Francisco)

    Clearly his morale skills are great, his communication with media has usually been pretty good, his tactics have been up and down but right now seem good.

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