Aaron Boone Evaluation Survey: August 17, 2020

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Even though the Yankees haven’t lost a game since we last did this survey, it hasn’t necessarily been a great week for the Yankees. The team lost three of its best hitters to injury: Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and DJ LeMahieu. Granted, we knew about Stanton’s injury last weekend but didn’t hear of the 3-4 week prognosis until mid-week. Then came Judge, who fortunately will return Saturday from the sound of it. LeMahieu’s status is a little more precarious, though at least it seems he’ll avoid surgery. And yet, in spite of the constant barrage of injuries, Aaron Boone’s squad kept chugging forward this week.

  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Boone moved the goalposts with regard to Judge’s injury throughout the week. First, the skipper went with the “nothing to see here” approach regarding why Judge came out of a five run game in the sixth inning. The next day, Judge was out of the lineup because of “lower body tightness”, though he hoped the slugger would return to the lineup on Friday after a team off day. The kicker came once the Boston series began: Boone announced Judge was heading to the injured list. At least it sounds like Judge will spend the minimum amount of time on the injured list.
  • Gleyber Toress’defense at shortstop has drawn some ire this season. Boone acknowledged that Torres is frustrated with his own performance, but the manager also said that the 23 year-old’s defense has been “strong”. (Kristie Ackert)
  • Boone and JA Happ had a couple of one-on-one conversations last week about the team skipping Happ’s turn during the Atlanta series. Happ noted that one went well, and the other not as well. Not in the sense of an argument or anything like that, but rather, the lefty’s frustration with Boone choosing to skip him. (Bryan Hoch)

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  1. JG (Ben Francisco)

    I went 8 6 8

    Penalizing for lying about injuries

  2. DanGer

    Unless Gleyber or Tankaka is an avid VF314 reader (maybe!), none of us can actually rate player morale, let alone Boone’s impact on it. a) they’re winning and b) morale could be high in spite of him.

    I’m sure both are just fine, point just being we have no clue.

  3. Phil Christiano

    As long as he keeps playing Frazier he will be alright. The only problem I have is that he is leaving the starter in too long. With Chapman coming back today I am hoping he will go back to trusting his bullpen.

  4. Gerreddardit Cole

    Decision making – 2. Boone doesn’t handle the bullpen very well. He always tries to squeeze another inning from Lasagna or he brings in Holder and Cessa only to go to one of the top relievers after they make a mess. Hopefully with Chappy back it takes some of the decision making out of his hands and he just goes back to a formula – Ottavino, Britton and Chappy 7-8-9 with Green and Lasagna as the firemen.

    Handling the media – Negative infinity to the infinity power. Boone lied about Judge for no reason. This was like LBJ and Vietnam or Nixon and Watergate. I just don’t think he makes it through this unless they win the World Series. Just wish the media would hold his feet to the fire but there are no Jonathan Swans in the Yankee press corps. There’s Meredith, who works for the team. Lindsey Adler, great writer but not an investigative journalist. Back in the day Michael Kay would grill these guys and that just doesn’t exist anymore.

    Team morale – 8. This is the one area where Boone does well holding the club together even with injuries to star players. Some of that is just the depth that Cash has acquired the past few years. We can stick Frazier, Tauchman and Ford into the lineup and not miss a beat. Frazier has proved that he belongs even with Judge and Stanton return. Tauchman is the best 5th outfielder in baseball. Mike Ford is the second coming of Babe Ruth and Alex even mentioned that on the broadcast last night. Estrada should play more than Wade this week because he gives us a better bat. It’d be tough to move Gio from 3rd but if he can play 2nd they can get Miggy some ABs as well.

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