A Yankee Holiday Wish List

‘Tis the season, isn’t it, folks? Whether you’re in the midst of celebrating Hanukkah or gearing up for Christmas or Kwanza, or the Winter Solstice, or whatever you celebrate, it’s the holiday season. In that spirit–and in the spirit of keeping safe and healthy in our celebrations this holiday season–here’s a list of my holiday wishes for some Yankees.

Gary Sanchez: For Gary, I wish a year of no tinkering and no tampering with his approach behind the plate. We’ve heard via Luke Voit that Gary is already working to correct his poor hitting in 2020 and that’s what he needs. What I think he doesn’t need–and I’ve expressed this before–is another round of fiddling with his catching. Sanchez will likely never be a great blocker, maybe not even a good one, but even without the tampering last year, he was a decent framer. He also calls a good game and has a rocket arm. Let him focus on what he’s good at behind the plate so that his struggles and adjustments there don’t carry over to the plate like they did in 2020.

Aaron Hicks, Aaron Judge, and Luke Voit: For these three, I wish for fully healthy and productive seasons. The former is asking a lot, especially so of Hicks and Judge, but I so badly want these three to play 140+ games in 2021 to show off what they can really do. Given their levels of talent and previous levels of production, all three could be MVP candidates with full seasons under their belts.

Gleyber Torres: For Gleyber, the wish is clear and the same one I assume any of you would have if you were writing this piece: improved fielding. While Torres had a down year at the plate, it’s the defensive woes at shortstop that were most concerning. I’m confident his offense can recover, but the Yankees need his defense to be better if they aren’t going to move him off short. Granted, they lived with Derek Jeter at short for how long, but improvement would be more than welcomed. The trick here will be avoiding the same pitfalls that seem to have befallen Sanchez in which defensive tinkering leads to offensive struggles.

Luis Severino: Hey, remember Sevy? All I want for Sevy is health. Whether or not the results are there when he comes back, presumably mid-season, from his Tommy John Surgery recovery, matters less than his health. Since this is a wish, let’s do so for health and results, but settle for health.

Gerrit Cole: Sticking with pitchers, let’s wish for Gerrit Cole’s home run issues to resolve themselves, one way or another. Everything about his performance last year was fantastic and he lived up to the hype. If he brings down the home runs just a touch, he’s going to win the Cy Young in a full season.

Clint Frazier: For Clint, I wish a real breakout, a full season breakout, not one interrupted by injuries or demotions. After 2020, he’s earned his spot as this team’s left fielder going forward. It’s been a longer wait than we thought it would be for various reasons, but it’s time for Frazier to turn into the star we’ve always known he can be. I wish for–and see–big things ahead for Clint in 2021.

What wishes do you, dear readers, have for our beloved Bronx Bombers this holiday season?


News & Notes: Cashman on YES, Hicks, Cortes returns


Yankees trade target(s): Josh Bell and Jameson Taillon


  1. Daniel Bingert

    They need pitching two arms. Don’t know what the injured players coming back are going to do. This is why we fall short every year. No pitching and dying offense I think dd would be fine back in yankee uniform again I say. Two arms

  2. Alex

    I wish Hal would hold Cashman accountable for once for the objectively bad job he’s done running this team over the last 20 years. Despite consistently operating with the highest payroll, he hasn’t sniffed a World Series in over a decade and is about to blow this team’s window. The disastrous Stanton contract is alone enough to get plenty of GMs fired. We currently have one (1!) legitimate healthy starting pitcher right now despite having the highest payroll in the league. I know Cashman’s always been terrible with starting pitching but that’s particularly egregious. Enough said.

  3. Thurman

    Sign Trevor Bauer. If they have to let DJ go so be it. Move Torres to 2nd and sign Didi

    • Bauer is a loudmouth jerk who only has 1 great season in him so far… hard pass. I love Didi, but he’s not a good enough hitter to be in this lineup. If they don’t re-sign DJLM, trade for Lindor.

  4. Joe Alves

    Aaron Hicks…an MVP canidate ???? Thhats the funniest and dumbest comment I have EVER HEARD !!!!!

    • LOL. But it’s true there’s no reason to believe Hicks will ever be an MVP candidate – he doesn’t hit for enough average or power, even if he is on-field for 162 games.

  5. DanGer

    Andujar – be given a chance to remind Yankee fans what he’s capable of (or better).

    Jasson Domniguez – keep working hard and don’t break

    Cashman – to not return to the mid-aughts dark ages of SP.

    Lindor – a productive year in pinstripes, the first of many

    Phillies – to send us Harper in 3 years for pennies on the dollars after Dombrowski leaves them with a $250M payroll and a gutted farm system.

    • Alex

      Zero interest in Harper and his contract (especially in 3 years from now!). Last thing this team needs is another significantly overpaid player. The outfield already has enough of those guys as-is.

  6. Anthony DiMeglio

    My wish for Aaron Boone is a NEW JOB

  7. Mike Fetkowitz

    Hicks will never be an all star! He’s a lifetime .235 hitter with a good arm , but his fielding rating was poor last year! He’s too inconsistent with the bat, patient drawing walks but always swinging for the fences!

  8. HoopDreams

    If Stanton and Judge could stay healthy for more than 5 minutes that’d be great.

  9. Kevin Hall

    Sign DJ

  10. Eric Scheinkopf

    My wish is for the Yankees to use their financial resources to help win a WS with this core group and not complain to the fans about how much $ they lost – also why not help the stores and vars on River Avenue survive until fans return to the Stadium.

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