A Holiday Wishlist

Before getting into things we may wish for, given the season and what not, let me start off with a message of thanks. Thank you for reading these pieces and our tweets, thank you for listening to the podcast, and thank you for finding space in your busy lives for Views From 314 Feet. We appreciate it and all of you more than you know.

Now onto the wishful thinking.

Most importantly, I wish for a season, an uninterrupted season. As we’re all aware of, the CBA between the league and the MLBPA is about to expire and we’re staring down a lockout. Hopefully it gets resolved quickly and there’s no interruption to Spring Training or games. Am I holding my breath on this one? Not exactly. But I am crossing my fingers.

When it comes to the Yankees, my wish is pretty singular: just make meaningful change. We know the specifics: a shortstop, a first baseman, a centerfielder, a starter. There’s not much need to go down each path again and again, but it’s still a wish (really a goal) worth repeating.

The last few years have been a blend of success and frustration, with not quite enough of the former and way too much of the latter that probably could’ve been avoided. The last few years have also seen the Yankees lean on the same method they have been for…a long time. It’s time to change that.

Change the way the pitching staff is constructed.

Change the emphasis on player skills and attributes.

Change the way depth is achieved.

Change the way decisions are made.

The Yankees are close to giving us what we all want, what we all really wish for: a 28th World Series championship. All things considered, they don’t have to take too many steps to get there. But doing so will require answering some uncomfortable questions about themselves. If the holiday season is a time for reflection on what you have, what you need, and how to get the latter, the Yankees need to take advantage.

The changes they need to made are small and simple, but significant. This holiday season, I’ll be wishing for them to do just that.


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  1. Scout

    I get the impression that Cashman LIKES the fiscal constraints Hal imposes. Cashman wants to prove to everyone how smart he is — that he can win without spending money like the Dodgers. He’d like a little wiggle room, yes, but he’s sure he knows better how to find value that other miss. Sometimes it works, at least for a while — Voit, Kluber (briefly), Taillon, Paxton ( both for a little bit longer). But managing like a wealthier version of the Oakland As, instead of using the team’s real competitive advantage ($$$), is simply going into a prizefight after you’ve tied one hand behind your back.

  2. Dan A.

    I think the Yanks are further away from a championship than people realize (barring a payroll north of $250m–which I’ll believe when I see). It’s easy to say: we need a number 2 SP and increased athleticism and contact at SS and CF, and a lefty first baseman with power (Rizzo). It’s a whole other thing to actually fill those holes and do so on whatever budget Hal will have.

    • Scout

      Since we’re making up a wish list, may we also have a catcher who can catch and hit with greater consistency.

  3. Steve

    The team isn’t going to do anything major unless something falls into their laps. They’ll talk a big game and complain about costs (actual and prospect) but outside some minor moves and maybe a Tanaka signing, it will be a quiet offseason. They can’t even get their coaching staff rounded out.

  4. dasit

    any chance of doing a separate post for each of those 4 change categories?

    happy holidays!

  5. Vin Fieseler

    There are so many Yankee needs… hope the management makes the right choice and brings in players that can put the bat on the ball….
    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas…..vin

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