2021 Yankees Spring Training TV and Radio Broadcast Schedule

The Yankees 28-game Grapefruit League season will officially kick off Sunday afternoon at 1:05. They will be taking on the division rival Blue Jays in a modified Spring Training – more on that in a second – but it means that baseball if finally back. I am ready for it.

As expected, the YES Network, MLB.TV, and ESPN have all released their broadcast schedules for the 2021 Grapefruit League. I went through them all to compile a handy chart below so that it’s all consolidated in one place. There is a catch, though: it’s all pretty incomplete. For starters, we are still waiting for MLB Network to release their full broadcast schedule. (Update: 9:03 pm, March 1: MLB Network has partially updated their schedule. I’ve included that below.) They show a bunch of live games in addition to running taped broadcasts all day. That alone will fill in a ton of gaps, especially if last year is any indication.

Second, there is a weird discrepancy between MLB.com and MLB.TV. When I first started compiling this a week or so ago, they matched up correctly. (Every YES game was also on MLB.TV.) Early this morning, when I checked my work, that was no longer the case. And, making things weirder, some YES games disappeared entirely. Odd! But that’s okay. It’ll iron out.

Finally, not every team has released their schedule yet. That will further bolster this. I will continue to reference and update this throughout the spring so that it is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Some other notes:

  • The Yanks will play 28 games, 14 of which will be at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. The other 14 will be on the road.
  • It’s a shorter Spring Training with modified rules. Specifically, the Yanks will only play the Blue Jays, Orioles, Phillies, Pirates, and Tigers. This is for COVID-19 travel-related reasons.
  • Games are not necessarily 9 innings. Before March 14, all games are scheduled to be 7-innings. If both managers agree, games can be shortened to 5 innings or lengthened to 9 innings. After March 14, games will be scheduled for 9 innings, though they can be shortened to 7 innings if both managers agree to do so. Weird!
  • All but 7 of the Yanks’ 28 games will be broadcast in some capacity. That’s without MLB Network, and some other teams local schedules, which will fill in a lot of those gaps.
  • All of the radio broadcasts will also be available to MLB.TV subscribers as well. That’s why I listed the non-WFAN stations.

Anyway, here is the schedule:

2/28; 1:05 pmvs. Blue JaysYES; SNET; MLB.TVWFAN
3/1; 1:05 pmvs. TigersYES; MLB.TVWXYT (DET)
3/2; 1:05 pm@ Orioles105.7 FM (BAL)
3/3; 6:35 pmvs. Blue Jays
3/4; 1:05 pm@ PhilliesNBCSP; MLB.TV; MLBN*
3/5; 1:05 pmvs. TigersYES; MLB.TV; MLBN*
3/6; 1:05 pm@ PiratesKDKA (PIT)
3/7; 1:05 pmvs. PhilliesYES; MLB.TV; MLBNWFAN
3/9; 1:05 pm@ TigersWXYT (DET)
3/10; 6:35 pmvs. PiratesYES; MLB.TVWFAN
3/11; 1:05 pm@ PhilliesNBCSP; MLB.TV; MLBN
3/12; 1:05 pm@ TigersFSD; MLB.TV; MLBNWXYT (DET)
3/13; 1:05 pmvs. PiratesYESWFAN
3/14; 1:07 pm@ Blue JaysWFAN
3/15; 1:05 pmvs. PhilliesYES; MLB.TV
3/16; 1:05 pm@ TigersWXYT (DET)
3/17; 1:07 pm@ Blue Jays
3/19; 6:35 pmvs. Phillies
3/20; 6:05 pm@ Orioles
3/21; 1:07 pm@ Blue JaysMLBNWFAN
3/22; 6:35 pmvs. PhilliesYES
3/23; 1:05 pm@ TigersMLBN; FSD; MLB.TVWXYT (DET)
3/24; 1:05 pmvs. Blue JaysYES
3/25; 6:05 pm@ PhilliesNBCSP; MLB.TVWFAN
3/26; 6:35 pmvs. Orioles105.7 BAL
3/27; 1:05 pmvs. Blue JaysYESWFAN
3/28; 1:05 pm@ PhilliesNBCSP; MLB.TVWFAN
3/29; 1:05 pmvs. TigersYES; MLB.TV

(An asterisk for MLB Network denotes a tape delay.)


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  1. Candy m

    Why isn’t yes network signing with frontier ??????!

  2. Peter cervonu

    We should be getting more Yabkee Spring Training games on YES NETWORK this year. No games from 15-22? Why would that be?

  3. Wtf is FSD? I don’t see a radio station in New York with those call letters!

    • Bobby

      It’s Fox Sports Detroit. We listed it because it means the game is available to stream on MLB.TV for subscribers.

  4. Harvey F

    I think the TV scheduling of the exhibition games is terrible. I can understand if the game was in your area but after that there is no reason why it shouldn’t be televised. That’s what I am paying for and that’s what I should get

    • Thank you for posting this broadcast schedule. Do you think I can get all of the radio broadcasts with MLB subscription or do I need to have MLB TV? Wondering because several times the games were not broadcast on radio this Spring? It’s so confusing. I think I give up on being able to affordably watch the games on TV, though if you post the regular season broadcast schedule I’ll know what channels I need.

      • John

        If I’m paying starting at spring training time with mlb tv why don’t I get all the games? I feel like I’m paying for nothing.

  5. MikeD

    This season has seemingly arrived much faster than usual. I think it’s because it took forever to get the 2020 season in motion that I felt the same would happen this year, even after it was announced they intended to play a full season.

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