2021 Trade Deadline Open Thread

  • Update, 11:36am: The Yankees “are at least lurking” on RHP José Berríos. (Joel Sherman)
  • Update, 12:05pm: The Rockies don’t plan to trade RHP Jon Gray. (Jon Heyman)
  • Update, 12:34pm: The first big deal of the day has been struck. The Blue Jays are getting RHP José Berríos. Strike one option off the Yankees’ list. (Ken Rosenthal)
  • Update, 12:39pm: Big haul for the Twins in return for Berríos: top prospects SS Austin Martin and RHP Simeon Woods-Richardson (Dan Hayes). Based on this, the Yankees would have had to include at least SS Anthony Volpe to get Berríos.
  • Update, 1:11pm: Here’s a weird one. Cleveland is trading OF Eddie Rosario to Atlanta for 1B/3B Pablo Sandoval. (Mandy Bell)
  • Update, 1:14pm: OF Adam Duvall won’t face the Yankees this weekend. Miami is dealing him to Atlanta. (Craig Mish)
  • Update, 1:29pm: Finally, something Yankees-related although it’s not exactly new news. The Yankees are still looking to move Luke Voit. (Mark Feinsand)
  • Update, 1:55pm: Not much interest in 1B Luke Voit thus far. (Brendan Kuty)
  • Update, 2:19pm: Wow. The White Sox are getting RHP Craig Kimbrel. (Jeff Passan)
  • Update, 2:32pm: 6 or 7 teams are looking at CF Byron Buxton. (Jon Heyman)
  • Update, 2:41pm: The Mets are going after SS Javier Báez. (Joel Sherman)
  • Update, 2:51pm: That was quick. The Mets indeed got Báez. (Andy Martino)
  • Update, 3:01pm: The Phillies are trading for RHP Kyle Gibson and RHP Ian Kennedy. They need pitching badly, and this helps. (Ken Rosenthal)
  • Update:, 3:11pm: Old friend LHP JA Happ is on the move. He’s going to the Cardinals. (Mark Feinsand)
  • Update, 3:50pm: The Yankees are on the board!
  • Update, 3:54pm: The Giants are getting Kris Bryant as the final bell draws near. (Jeff Passan)
  • Update, 4:00pm: Ding ding ding. We’ve hit the deadline. More announcements might trickle in, but as of now, Voit is still a Yankee.
  • Update, 4:05pm: The Yankees are done. There won’t be any post 4pm announcements for them. (Jack Curry)


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Happy trade deadline day! Today’s 4pm eastern deadline is six hours away. We’ll update this throughout the day with the latest rumors and transactions. Use this post’s comment section to discuss everything that goes down today, and as always, please keep things on topic and civil.

In case you missed it, here are our writeups of the trades the Yankees have made so far:

  • IF Hoy Jun Park and IF Diego Castillo to Pittsburgh for RHP Clay Holmes (link).
  • RHP Luis Cessa and LHP Justin Wilson to Cincinnati for a PTBNL (link).
  • RHP Glen Otto, IF Ezequiel Duran, IF Trevor Hauver, IF Josh Smith to Texas for OF Joey Gallo and LHP Joely Rodriguez (part one, part two).
  • OF Kevin Alcántara and RHP Alexander Vizcaíno to the Cubs for 1B Anthony Rizzo (link).

And now, rumors involving the Yankees:

  • 1B Luke Voit seems to be the odd man out for the Yankees. Perhaps I’m taking this too literally, but YES Network’s Jack Curry noted that he’s “curious to see what kind of deal the Yankees will execute in moving Voit” (emphasis on will is mine). He also notes that they’re seeking a pitcher. (Jack Curry)
  • The Post’s Joel Sherman believes that the Yankees are out on SS Trevor Story. (Joel Sherman)
  • The Yankees have checked in with the Twins on RHP José Berríos, although the Rays, Jays, and Red Sox have more actively pursued him. (Jon Heyman)

Lastly, a quick summary of trades around the league yesterday:

  • Per multiple reports, the Dodgers are going to land RHP Max Scherzer and SS Trea Turner from the Nationals in exchange for prospects C Keibert Ruiz, RHP Josiah Gray, RHP Gerardo Carrillo, and OF Donovan Casey. Whew.
  • The Padres announced that they acquired RHP Daniel Hudson from the Nats for two prospects. Hudson would have been a good get for the Yankees’ bullpen.
  • In case you couldn’t tell, Washington kept busy and sent LF Kyle Schwarber to the Red Sox for a prospect. I guess he’s going to play first base in Boston, although he’s never played the position in the majors.
  • In addition to Scherzer and Turner, the Dodgers acquired LHP Danny Duffy from the Royals for cash and a PTBNL.
  • Tampa Bay dealt RHP Diego Castillo to the Mariners for RHP JT Chargois and 3B Austin Shenton. Thanks, Rays, won’t miss Castillo one bit.
  • Crosstown deal: the Cubs sent RHP Ryan Tepera to the White Sox for LHP Bailey Horn.
  • The ChiSox also picked up 2B Cesar Hernandez from Cleveland.
  • The Blue Jays dealt C Riley Adams to the Nationals for LHP Brad Hand. Please let him face the Yankees.

Can today top yesterday? That was a ton. Keep in mind that DH Nelson Cruz (Minnesota to Tampa Bay), OF Starling Marte (Miami to Oakland), INF Adam Frazier (Pittsburgh to San Diego), and INF Eduardo Escobar (Arizona to Milwaukee) have already been dealt in previous days. Would be pretty fun if yesterday’s constant action continued into today.


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Report: Yankees to acquire Andrew Heaney from Angels


  1. MikeD

    Appears Voit remains. Now, put Stanton in the OF regularly and open up the DH spot for Voit. The Yankees have been the ones who have restricted Stanton in the OF out of fear of injury, and there is exactly zero evidence DHing has kept him healthy.

  2. dasit

    insanely fun deadline
    glad voit is still a yankee

  3. David Pieragostini

    Why did Yankees overpay in prospect assets so teams would eat salary but then never use remaining $$ under luxury tax they saved to acquire player. Seems like they wasted prospect value to save $$ but never used savings.

  4. Dani

    Heaney? meh. They probably even trade decent prospect(s) for him so they don’t have to pay his salary because he earns a $ or 2.

    • Dani

      at least the Angels fans seem to be lgad he’s gone 😀

  5. dasit

    reporter: just heard voit is getting traded
    stanton: (strains oblique)

  6. Joey Galleddardo

    Mets, Jays, Red Sox, White Sox. Everybody is getting better today except us. Of course there isn’t much interest in Voit. He’s always injured and all he cares about is lifting giant tires.

  7. Kansas

    Could we move Voit and Boone for a manager?

    • Dani

      Voit and Boone to DET for AJ Hinch and some trash cans 😛

  8. Joey Galleddardo

    Jays get Berrios. They just won the World Series. Credit them for going for it. Every year this Yankee FO does absolutely nothing. Starting pitching wins championships. You at least need a 1-2 punch to get through. Behind our ace, Nestor, we have a mediocre Cole, average Monty, German, Tallion and Sevy who hasn’t pitched in two years. That won’t cut it.

  9. HenryKrinkle

    Kinda quiet on Gibson. He fits for this season and next, and not too expensive.

  10. Dzb

    Yankees moves would be good for a team vying for the division. But with all the good moves competitors are making, or all feels a bit useless for NY. I’m fine with clearing the 40 man logjam, but not with anything now substantial

  11. Dani

    I hope they trade for a starter. They can’t just assume that Sevy and/or Kluber come back, stay healthy and are effective. That sounds like a recipe for disaster. I’d love to see them target Sandy Alcantara, they surely have the prospects to get it done. German Marquez would be very interesting too but I think the Rockies made it clear that they’re not going to move him.

  12. Wire Fan

    I think they are more likely to go for a reliever. Could they really remove their ace, Nasty Nestor, from the rotation if they pickup a starter? All kidding aside I think it depends on how confident they are in Sevys rehab. If they believe in that I think they will go for a reliever. If they aren’t sure I could see adding a starter.

    At this point after giving away additional prospects to manage the LT and giving away Cessa for space, I would be incredibly disappointed if they don’t make a move for another arm

  13. JeffJakes

    This team ain’t winning a world series anytime soon and when the flameout comes it’s gonna last as long as a nuclear winter. Yeah, why not trade any and all prospects because flags fly forever! Cashman is trading for his JOB right now and Hal should have taken the keys to minor league cabinet from him a long time ago. Yanks should be SELLING what they can right now and thinking about a new GM and manager for next season. Things with this team will never change….the mediocrity continues.

  14. chip56

    How about Voit and Schmidt to the Angels for Heaney and Iglasies

  15. Dan

    Get Berrios. Volpe, Schmidt, and Voit should get it done.

  16. Markmeister

    The Yankees should go after Story AND Gray. They need a starter and Story would be the best upgrade they could get. Offensively, on defense and on the bases.

  17. Hearn

    Wish Scherzer was willing to go to Yanks. Thats the Big One this year. He’ll be like Verlander for LA.

  18. Joey Galleddardo

    The Dodgers and Sox both won the World Series with the move they made. I like the Yankees trades but they’re so far back it’s WC at best and that comes down to one game in Tampa with 8 ER Cole starting. Yesterday was a preview of the WC game. Voit has gotta go for an arm and a leg of lamb. Get Berrios. We can’t count on Sevy being an option after not pitching for 2 years.

  19. I love love LOVE what is happening in the NL West. IMO the Padres are doing everything the Yankees should be and should have been doing-going after FA and making aggressive trades to bolster their core and make a run at a title NOW while the window is wide open. Get Tatis as many chances to shine in the postseason as possible. They have a big rival in the division that they’re battling it out with and doing everything they can to top them and win the division. Meanwhile the Dodgers aren’t satisfied with finally winning one WS and going into sell mode (looking at you 2019 Red Sox) they’re doing everything they can to win another WS. Scherzer and Turner is a huge move! Can’t wait to see how SD responds. You love to see it!

    • dasit

      agree! and yet you still have dodger and padre fans on mlbtr worrying about tax thresholds and farm system rankings. the owners have done quite a job convincing fans that you should only try to win once or twice a decade

  20. Luke

    Yankees need pitching now.

    Bullpen and/or another starter. Berrios seems like the only difference-maker available for SP.

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