2020 Yankees Spring Training TV and Radio Broadcast Schedule

The Yankees’ 33-game Grapefruit League season will officially kick off this afternoon at 1:05 pm. It begins a stretch during which the Yankees will play 195 games in 219 days. It rules. They’ll be taking on the Blue Jays at George Steinbrenner Field in Tampa. I’m ready for some fake baseball, myself.

As expected, the YES Network, ESPN (through March 6), MLB Network, and MLB.tv have all released their TV schedules for Spring Training. I’ve combed through them all and created a handy little table down below. We’ll reference this throughout the spring and update it should anything change.

Some other notes:

  • The Yankees will play 17 of their 33 games at home. Cool!
  • Remember, the split-squad games (designated SS below) don’t necessarily mean that the Yanks have two games that day. Oftentimes the team doesn’t send regulars/veterans etc. on the road. That’s one of the perks of being an established big leaguer, and it’s also why all of the split-squad games on days with just a single game all occur on the road.
  • The final two games against Toronto will take place in Montreal. They’re technically exhibition games. (It’s the same deal as when Vlad Jr. hit that very cool walk-off HR from a few years ago.)
  • Games without any in-market TV or MLB.TV streaming may still be broadcast on the opponent’s radio stream available via MLB.TV. That is true for every game below with a radio broadcast that isn’t WFAN.
  • All but 2 (!) of the Yanks 33 games will be broadcast in some form.
  • 23 of the 33 are being broadcast on TV in some capacity, which is pretty great. More may change as ESPN releases a fuller schedule, as they’ve only marked through March 6 for now.

As a general note, all times below are in EST. Games on MLB Network that will be broadcast on a tape delay are indicated with an asterisk (*) after MLBN. All MLBN tagged games without an asterisk will be broadcast live.

Anyway, with that all out of the way, here’s the schedule:

2/22; 1:05 pmvs. Blue JaysYES; MLBN; MLB.TVWFAN
2/23; 1:05 pm@ RaysMLBN; MLB.TVWFAN
2/24; 6:35 pmvs. PiratesKDKA
2/25; 1:07 pm@ Blue Jays (SS)
2/26; 1:05 pmvs. NationalsYES; MLBN*; MLB.TV
2/27; 1:05 pmvs. Rays (SS)YES; MLBN; MLB.TV
2/28; 1:05 pm@ Braves (SS)WIFN
2/29; 1:05 pmvs. Tigers (SS)YES; MLB.TVWFAN
2/29; 1:05 pm@ Red Sox (SS)MLBN*; MLB.TVWEEI
3/1; 1:05 pm@ TigersWXYT
3/3; 1:05 pmvs. Red SoxYES; ESPN; MLBN*; MLB.TVWEEI
3/4; 6:35 pmvs. Phillies (SS)WIP
3/5; 1:05 pm@ TigersMLBN; MLB.TVWXYT
3/6; 6:35 pmvs. Orioles105.7
3/7; 1:05 pm@ PiratesYES; MLBN*; MLB.TVWFAN
3/8; 1:05 pm@ Orioles (SS)
3/8; 1:05 pmvs. Braves (SS)MLB.TV680 (ATL)
3/9; 1:05 pm@ PhilliesMLBN*; MLB.TV
3/10; 1:05 pmvs. Blue JaysYES; MLBN*; MLB.TV
3/11; 1:05 pm@ MarlinsMLBN; MLB.TVWINZ
3/12; 1:05 pm@ NationalsMLB.TV
3/13; 6:35 pmvs. Tigers (SS)YES; MLBN*; MLB.TVWFAN
3/14; 1:05 pmvs. PhilliesWFAN
3/15; 1:05 pmvs. Braves (SS)680 ATL
3/15; 1:05 pmvs. Twins (SS)YES; MLB.TVWFAN
3/17; 1:05 pm@ TigersMLBN; MLB.TVWXYT
3/18; 6:35 pmvs. PiratesKDKA
3/19; 1:05 pm@ PhilliesMLB.TV
3/20; 1:05 pmvs. MarlinsYES; MLBN*; MLB.TV
3/ 21; 1:05 pm@ Twins (SS)MLBN*; MLB.TVWFAN
3/22; 1:05 pm vs. TigersYES; MLB.TVWFAN
3/23; 7:07 pm@ Blue Jays MLBN*; MLB.TVSN590
3/24; 7:07 pm@ Blue Jays MLBN*; MLB.TVWFAN


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  1. MikeD

    Thanks for the schedule, Bobby. Handy resource to refer to as Spring Training goes along. I do think every ST game should be broadcast in this day and age!

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