2019 Trade Deadline Thread (and Game 107)

  • UPDATE, 4:15PM: A few deals have trickled in, but nothing bigger than Zack Greinke (today’s starter against the Yankees) going to Houston. Great, just great. (Ken Rosenthal)
  • UPDATE, 4:06PM: OK, the Yankees did do something. But it was nothing more than a 40-man clearance move for an A-ball prospect:
  • UPDATE, 4:05PM: Andy Martino says the Yankees did not make a trade. So that’s that.
  • UPDATE, 4:00PM: Ding ding ding. The trade deadline has struck. Keep in mind things can still be reported and announced after as long as they were completed before 4.
  • UPDATE, 3:55PM: Rob Longley reports that the Astros have acquired Joe Biagini from Toronto.
  • UPDATE, 3:49PM: Jon Heyman says the Yankees are in on Jays’ starter Aaron Sanchez, though it would be as a reliever.
  • UPDATE, 3:42PM: The Braves are close to adding Mark Melancon to their bullpen from the Giants (Jeff Passan).
  • UPDATE, 3:30PM: With a half hour to go, Jon Heyman says the Yankees are talking about five different relievers now. Strengthening the ‘pen might be the way they go.
  • UPDATE, 3:28PM: Old friend alert: John Ryan Murphy goes from the Diamondbacks to the Braves, per Robert Murray.
  • UPDATE, 3:13PM: Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers have acquired Jedd Gyorko from the Cardinals. Rosenthal also notes that the Tigers and Braves are close to a deal that would send Shane Greene to the Braves. Check another one off the Yankees’ target list.
  • UPDATE, 2:54PM: Corey Dickerson goes to the Phillies, per Jeff Passan.
  • UPDATE, 2:46PM: Jon Morosi tweets that the Rays have made an offer to the Mets for Zack Wheeler. Trying to undermine the Yankees, huh?
  • UPDATE, 2:35PM: The Nationals continue to work on their bullpen: they’ve added Hunter Strickland and Roenis Elias today. (Mark Feinsand once and again)
  • UPDATE, 2:33PM: Jon Heyman follows up on Nightengale’s earlier tweet: Arizona wants Clint Frazier and three prospects for Robbie Ray.
  • UPDATE, 2:26PM: Two trades to note: one, the Giants dealt Drew Pomeranz to the Brewers for prospect Mauricio Dubon (Jeff Passan). More notably from the Yankees’ perspective, the Reds traded Tanner Roark to the Athletics (Ken Rosenthal).
  • UPDATE, 2:11PM: Toronto has dealt Daniel Hudson to Washington, per Scott Mitchell. Hudson could have been a ‘pen target for the Yankees.
  • UPDATE, 2:04PM: This one slipped through the cracks. Ken Rosenthal tweeted about an hour ago that the Yankees and Astros are in on Madison Bumgarner and Zack Wheeler.
  • UPDATE, 1:56PM: Let me preface this by saying that Bob Nightengale has a history of sharing incorrect rumors. With that in mind, he says the Yankees and Diamondbacks talks about Robbie Ray are dead.
  • UPDATE, 1:55PM: Jon Heyman checks in with a Yankees-related update: the team is considering Ken Giles. Well, of course they are.
  • UPDATE, 1:29PM: Detroit’s asking price for Shane Greene is high. Per Jon Morosi, the Yankees are interested.
  • UPDATE, 1:14PM: Ken Rosenthal tweets that the Yankees have inquired on Toronto closer Ken Giles. He’d be a great add to the bullpen – but his elbow health is in question.
  • UPDATE, 12:56PM: Passan has another one: Backstop Martín Maldonado goes from the Cubs to the Astros.
  • UPDATE, 12:30PM: The Rays have struck first today. According to Jeff Passan, they snagged first baseman Jesús Aguilar from Milwaukee in exchange for right-hander Jacob Faria.

ORIGINAL POST: Baseball’s version of last call is this afternoon. But this year, it’s literally last call. At 4pm eastern today, teams can no longer make trades. The August 31st waiver trade deadline is no more.

This year, it seems that this has caused teams to wait as long as possible in order to decide to buy or sell. Only two significant trades have occurred; Marcus Stroman to the Mets and the three-team deal between Cincinnati, Cleveland, and San Diego, which sent potential Yankees’ target Trevor Bauer to the Reds. Cleveland seems to have done pretty well with that one, nabbing Yasiel Puig and Franmil Reyes to help their outfield. Let’s get to the first batch of rumors and news:

Today’s Game

As the time passes by, I’ll update this post as Yankees-related rumors and actual transactions come about. In the meantime, enjoy this afternoon’s game. Here are the lineups:

Diamondbacks (54-54)

  1. Jarrod Dyson, CF
  2. Wilmer Flores, 2B
  3. Eduardo Escobar, 3B
  4. David Peralta, LF
  5. Christian Walker, DH
  6. Jake Lamb, 1B
  7. Nick Ahmed, SS
  8. Alex Avila, C
  9. Tim Locastro, RF

RHP Zack Greinke

Yankees (67-39)

  1. Aaron Hicks, CF
  2. Aaron Judge, DH
  3. Edwin Encarnación, 1B
  4. Didi Gregorius, SS
  5. Gleyber Torres, 2B
  6. Gio Urshela, 3B
  7. Cameron Maybin, RF
  8. Mike Tauchman, LF
  9. Austin Romine, C

RHP Masahiro Tanaka

Before the game, the Yankees placed Luke Voit and David Hale on the injured list and recalled Jonathan Holder and Breyvic Valera. Additionally, DJ LeMahieu is out of the lineup again.

Pre-Deadline Reads

In between watching today’s game and constantly refreshing your Twitter feed for trades, here are some links to read:


Yankees place Luke Voit and David Hale on injured list


Game 107: No big trade, but a win


  1. H.E. Pennypacker

    Not sure how many of you saw it, but Dan O’Dowd absolutely raked the modern “prospect hugging” front offices over the coals yesterday. If you’re more concerned about how good you’re going to be in three years than you are in how to help your team win a championship right now, then GTFO of the game. Please.

  2. dasit

    astros showing the league what GFIN mode looks like

  3. lightSABR

    The front office has earned some trust with the Voit trade, etc., and their general talent for holding onto the right guy and getting the right guy. And you can’t be sad about the farm system not taking a big hit, which it would have with the asking prices so high.

    But man. If we don’t win the WS this year, the Corbin/Keuchel what-ifs are going to be brutal.

    • Coolerking101

      Preach on. I can buy that the Yanks were getting gouged and the deals weren’t fair…but by not signing Keuchel or Corbin the Yankees put themselves in that position. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  4. Rutgersknight

    Slow down, chief. The Yanks could go 27-28 the rest of the way and still finish with 95 wins. I’d bet my life that’s a comfortable WC spot. Not that that is acceptable, but let’s not jump off the bridge yet. Adding Severino, perhaps Loaisiga and Betances to the rotation/bullpen over the last two months could give the overworked staff the rest they need.

    • daryl bennett

      I. Am. Not. Worried. About. Making. The. Playoffs…..

  5. MrBootlegGG

    Shameful by the Yankees at the deadline. Greinke has blowup potential written all over him, so I can’t say that part makes me angry but holy hell. They could have picked up an innings eater or an extra arm to keep the pen fresh.

    Really shameful.

  6. Ray Zayas

    Well I’m going to see Deivi tonight, hopefully he throws a gem to cheer me up from this dismal trade deadline from the Yanks.

  7. Coolerking101

    Greinke makes like 30 million a year. Does anyone here really think the Yanks would have taken on that contract, even if Greinke would have considered NY?

    • Wire Fan

      No, but make a damn move. The Astros who won a WS 2 years ago, took on big money and put up some prospects to go for it. The Yankees standing pat is ridiculous.

      Heck with Sanchez, Voit and Stanton down, it may not take much for the division race to tighten up and who knows when those last 2 names will be back. They could use a bat right now (Frazier?)

      Another pitching injury and the Yankees will have a serious battle just winning the division.

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      I the D-backs sent something like $24 million to help cover costs. He’s worth it at $18 million/year, but he was never coming to the Yanks. It isn’t about Greinke. It’s about all the other failures in the name of a few dollars.

  8. Wire Fan

    Zach Greinke, Aaron Sanchez and Joe Biagini all going to the Astros.

    No details on the Greinke deal yet other than 4 prospects.

    • daryl bennett

      That’s the crappy part. Astros kept their top 2 (aka 2 in top 20 of milb) prospects. No silver lining, man.

  9. Wire Fan

    DRob needs season ending surgery, may also need TJS. Hate to see that for such a good guy.

  10. Time for deivi to make his debut.

    • Coolerking101

      He’s not exactly dominating AAA. Loasiga out of the pen is more likely to have serious success.

  11. dasit

    kudos to the braves for going all in

  12. Frustrating trade deadline so far but I don’t think it’s for a lack of trying on Cashman’s part. All reports seem to show that other teams were making unreasonable demands on the Yankees. Deivi Garcia and Clint Fraizer might end up being very productive players for the Yankees for a long time. Cashman, rightfully, isn’t willing to give them away for nothing. A little overpay, maybe. But You aren’t getting either of them for a rental. Yes, the Jays sold Stroman cheap. But that doesn’t mean they wanted low prospects from the Yankees. It might simply mean they valued the Mets’ prospects more than other evaluators.

    In hindsight Cashman should have signed Corbin instead of Happ and signed Keuchel for one year. But what can you do – nobody can predict the future. Keuchel apparently didn’t really engage with the Yankees beyond getting an initial offer from them. Corbin was pretty expensive – but still a better value than Happ in hindsight. But Happ was coming off a decent year too.

    • daryl bennett

      Garcias numbers aren’t even that good. Get off the hype train.

      And I get it, yes, could have signed Corbin and keuchel…. But he has been wrong about every single starting pitcher. It’s not just the 2.

  13. Wire Fan

    The Yankees need at least 1 starter even if it is not a high end guy.

    The Yankees have 19 games in 17 days starting Friday. That means a 6 man rotation or some guys starting on 3 days rest. They currently have 4 healthy starters. I assume that Green/Cortes will be the 5th starter with CC out, but they still need a 6th starter for this stretch of games. And that doesn’t even factor in the risk of someone else getting hurt after the deadline.

    It’s nice to have a strong pen, but at some point you actually need starters, especially in the regular season. You can’t go 4-5 innings for the bullpen every night. Look at how cooked the Rays pen is right now.

  14. Harristotle

    It simply does not make sense to me how the Yankees employ a literal army of baseball ops and analytics folks yet they can’t find one(1!) opportunity to upgrade externally in the middle of their window to win? Seems like gross negligence.

  15. Brian M

    Meanwhile on the field, the Yankees are sh*tting all over themselves.

  16. Coolerking101

    Heyman says D-Backs wanted Frazier, Schmidt and others for Ray. As long as the “others” were low ceiling guys, I would have been ok with that.

  17. dasit

    just get an impact reliever and hope the starters give you 4 innings in the postseason

  18. Wire Fan

    Does Alex Wood make sense as a target? Can use him out of the pen and maybe as an occasional spot starter.

    He is not the solution to the starter need but he would give them some extra depth in case anyone gets hurt.

    I’m also holding out hope that Jon Gray is the starter they get. Not sure if he is truly available, but he would be a nice get and the Yankees have liked him for a while.

  19. Bunch of DH ABs open up and where the hell is Clint Frazier…

    • The Original Drew

      The only excuse I can see for is that DJ needs another day and with the off day on Thursday he will get it and the Yankees needed another emergency IF.

      That being said, if Frazier isn’t traded and isn’t up with the team by Friday, I just don’t know anymore.

      • It’s service time manipulation.He is at a year and 57 days now. If they keep him down the rest of the year they can probably hold him down till June next year and get another full extra year out of him.

        • Chris

          They can leave him down a few more years and preserve his service time til his forties!

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