2019 Amateur Draft Thread: The next wave of Yankees prospects

There are only four game’s on MLB’s slate tonight as the league attempts to showcase its amateur draft. The Yankees are one of the many teams off, so in lieu of the usual game thread, we’ll keep tabs on who the Yankees select tonight.

In case you missed it earlier, our draft preview came out this morning. Additionally, Steven took an in-depth look at the idea of drafting Jack Leiter. Al’s son could be difficult to sign away from his commitment to Vanderbilt.

The draft will be broadcast live on MLB Network beginning at 7pm. It can also be viewed online. Each team has three to four minutes to make its pick in the first round, so the Yankees’ first choice probably won’t occur until after 8:30pm.

As the night goes on, we’ll update this post with whoever the Yankees draft. If you’re one to watch the draft, enjoy. If not, the Yankees will be back in action tomorrow evening against the Blue Jays.

Update, 8:30pm: Well, this is moving a snail’s pace, isn’t it? We’re looking at the Yankees picking well past 9 now.

Update, 9:33pm: No, the Yankees still haven’t picked yet. However, the Rockies just drafted Michael Toglia, who was noted in our draft preview. A previous version of Baseball America’s mock draft linked him to the Yankees.

Update, 9:47pm: There goes another one. The Dodgers drafted Kody Hoese, who Keith Law mocked to the Yankees.

Update, 10:16pm: Finally, finally, FINALLY, the Yankees have made their selection. It’s Anthony Volpe, a shortstop from Delbarton High School in New Jersey. We have a snippet on him within the draft preview.

Update, 11:03pm: The Yankees picked TJ Sikkema, a lefty out of the University of Missouri. He was not mocked to the Yankees, though most mock drafts didn’t go past the first round.


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  1. overseasyankeefan

    Josh Smith, #76 on mlb.com 2019 prospect watch.

  2. overseasyankeefan

    TJ Sikkema, #57 on mlb.com 2019 prospect watch.

  3. phillip khaylo

    Ugh. I think they just drafted Cito Culver again

    • Paul W.

      Exactly my thought phillip!

    • overseasyankeefan

      Never paid attention to Draft until 2013. Sorry for this question but did Culver’s scouting report look like the following in the year he was drafted?
      1). At the plate: short and compact swing with good bat speed; can drive the ball to the gaps on his pitch;
      2). polished defense with advanced footwork and balance; very quick transfer and release; very smooth and fluid, not elite arm strength but plenty to play all over the infield with his other skills;
      3). committed to a university/college that is traditionally hard to pry out of.

      • RetroRob


        Volpe is considered a better prospect. Culver was more raw.

        I thought Volpe was an option for the second pick, but ignoring that part, reports indicate he has a better chance of being a major leaguer than Culver ever did.

        • overseasyankeefan

          Thank you for the reply :-). Exactly what I thought when seeing Volpe’s scouting report. He looks like a sensible pick for a late 1st round when someone else NYY may like was already picked but understandably, fans tend to dream big(ger) lol~

  4. Seems like they get more than 3-4 minutes lol. It’s 8:29 and the Mets just picked smh

    • Derek Albin

      Yea…so much for that. It’s not really clear what the timing is between picks. Seems like they’re trying to make it work for TV to get enough analysis between each pick.

      • phillip khaylo

        They’re probably delaying announcing picks like they do in NFL(in late rounds) till after analysis of previous picks. That’s the only thing I can think of as I do see a 4 minute clock and it seems to be going faster now.

        BTW thanks for launching this site

  5. Paul Patrone

    I hope BA is wrong!

    • Wire Fan

      Same. Volpe seems more like a higher floor/lower ceiling guy, which the Yankees should not be targeting given the depth of the system. I’d rather roll the dice on a toolsy guy like Misner who may have greater bust potential but is high ceiling.

    • overseasyankeefan

      BA is right. NYY selected SS Anthony Volpe.

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